Saturday, 20 February 2010

»Don't feel like blogging

» To be honest I don't feel like blogging... I love and burn for websites but blogging is to much writing I guess.. but I love to make the layouts even though, it isn't always they fit perfectly.. Afterall this is my second really serious blog theme..

» My first Layout/Theme was Nono Love » to my friend Zaa-chan! Visit her blog ^^ I think she still has the layout or else I'll post a picture later!

» This is my second layout, A day in Wonderland. Actually my friend Yaya-chan helped me with the name. and I finally found out how to put the music in the menu.... -__-; to be honest it was pretty easy.. Sometimes I'm just soo stupid.. LOL.. Thanks Tse/Tea~ ^^

» And Finally me and my BBF talked out about our 'problems' I'm so relieved that we can talk again without things being awkward ^^ Again Thanks to Yaya-chan for the advice ;A; I love friendships! ♥

» right now me and some friends has talked about a avatar rpg! l3 I think it's going to be fun... but something is missing ><; Dunno what.. o.o Maybe the fact that the site is going to be Danish and I can't edit like 100000000000 pictures to na'vi ;w; too doomed with homework, school and club activites~ -__O hope to find a solution.. » Website death... Someone took my name! ;A; so sad Dun know what to do! Tse/tea told me someting about wix.. maybe I'll try it.. but now this blog is also named Liinohon and not Linohon.. maybe I guess it doesn't matter? >>; DUN NU WHUT TO DU! -_-; but I think I'll just work on Mihoshi until I find out.. ><; or maybe start a totally new site~ but site name?! T_T; I have had LNH so loong it will totally be weird without..

» Lovely holiday! -_- but now it's disappearing ;A;! DON'T LEAVE HOLIDAY! -__-; whatever.. I'll just wait to weekend and I'll go do my homework~ my longest entry ever! l3 i'm out! Later~ ★

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