Wednesday, 2 February 2011

» Birthday at Svendborg

Late post is late! D:

So the previous weekend I went to a Svendborg to Celebrate 'the twins' Bara and Barbara and Kyouki's Birthday~ ^^ I met up with Mie at Copenhagen Central station and we headed toward Svendborg together~ I was really glad that I could go with her, because then I had someone to talk with (no ipod ;__;) and because then a had a chance to get to know her better~ ^^ I really enjoyed her company and she was really easy to talk with~

When we arrived at Svendborg west station Bara picked us up and we walked to her and her sisters apartment~ Everybody else was already there, it was so cosy and bright~ We sat down talking to everyone and laughing at Samie's random comment ♥

then we got some muffins while we waiting for the cakes~ *O* They were so AWESOME~ Liv who is about to be educated as a conditor made such AWESOMENESS cakes~ and om nom nom they tasted good! strawberry and mint chocolate is yummy!~ We also got hot cocoa to the cake total FTW ♥

Made by Liv~

Made by Liv~

For dinner we ate tortilla~ om nom nom x3 it was really delicious, I think I ate 3 @___@ I feel kinda fat now, after eating cake, muffin and now tortilla haha~ After eating we playing some games, like 'fortune-teller' and 'guess and grimace' or maybe in english you could call it 'mime master' ^^ it's the pick a note, try to make other people guess what is written by miming it without saying anything~ It was so funny.. some of them were really hard to guess haha! but we had a lot of fun laughing our asses of ♥

Later on we watched it cloudy with a chance for meatballs! xD I really love that movie and to rewatch it in English was pretty funny~ ♥ I really like flint and his total crazy ideas! xD Spray on shoes? lol ♥

I went home the day after~ and well because I'm a bit stupid I looked at the wrong time on my paper, so I didn't get to my train in time ;__; actually I got an whole hour late.. I had looked at Odense to Copenhagen, but I had to go on the train from Svendborg first *sob sob* but well I took the chance and took another train home without buying a new ticket... I felt like my stomach was going to be eaten and I felt nauseous.. and well I didn't got checked, which was a bit of a shock to me.. but well I have learned my lesson. LOOK CAREFULLY what is written on the paper ^__^;

While being sick to my stomach I enjoyed the beautiful sky~

but I had a wonderful weekend with some nice people ♥ and I can't wait to see many of them again to Okashii ♥

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