Wednesday, 30 March 2011

All songs end Black

Haunted in my own dreams, is this a signal or just a warning for the future?
The title is random, or actually the reason behind it is because I dreamt about it lol..

but well lately I have been haunted in my dreams. I experience thing which scare me, and I am terrified to do things in my everyday life (yes I know I get scared easily). I just want to dream my old random dreams ;___;! and I'm considering if it is even possible for me to be psychic.....

Other than that I went to a party at my school last Friday. The Theme was Shrovetide, in Denmark is it called 'Fastelavn' it's a danish tradition where people dress up in costumes and hit a barrel, in the old days there were a real cat inside, but today it's mostly candy~ but at my school it was condoms ( * ^)oo(^ *)

and of course I was dressed up in a costume, even though it failed a bit and I don't think people could see what I was dressed up as! D:

I was doll~ or more precise I was lolita inspired doll~ but my lack of make up did I couldn't do Michelle Phan's Gothic lolita or Lady gaga tutorial! >_< and then my white eye liner broke. I felt like screaming ;___; no more bright looking eyes to me! OTZ There wasn't that many at the party but I had fun~ talking to people is always fun! and as always NO dancing to me, but I promised some of the girls I would definitely do it next time! >//> I'm embarrassed to... but a promise is a promise! ^^ and as mentioned above there were barrels~ but because all the strong guys was in front I didn't got to hit it even once OTZ That makes me a bit sad... I really wanted to D:

and then I stayed after the party to clean up! I was home at 3:30 and that mean I slept my entire Saturday away! ;___; and I used my entire Sunday on my German homework and figured out I had done it all wrong so now I have to start over... at the moment I hate my life! LOL

but I'm looking forward to the easter break! I don't have time to relax but I'm going to hang out with my friends and just have a great time!

Nothing else is happening in my life, and I have a lot of homework, so I'm not sure if I get to blog that much.. but I'll try if I can write small entries once in a while~ ^^

リ ー ナ  O U T

Listening to:Dolls - Kagamine Rin
Doing:German homework


  1. You are so cute <3 wanna eat yooooou~
    Such a shame you didn't get to knock down the barrels >:3 what was inside?

  2. You're outfit is adorable :D
    The party sounds like a lot of fun! ^^

  3. did u just say like LEGIT condoms? o___o LOL

  4. Sorry to hear about your dreamings. ;A; Hope It'll end soon!

    Lovely outfit, sweety! ;W; Looks really good on you <3

  5. Scary dreams come and go... The more you think about them, the more often you will dream them, so stop thinking about scary stuff! :P

    And yes, you looked like a doll. I thought the picture in the blogpost was a clip from a music video or something.

    Oh, and, guys always like showing off when it comes to the barrels which ruins the fun (And yes, I know I'm a guy too, and yes, I know I also hit it as hard as I can. :P)... Just get in line before them! (Or if you're mean as me, reinforce the barrel with steel...)