Thursday, 31 March 2011

Long Weekend

I tried to be strong
I tried to ignore this feeling
I tried to smile no matter what you would tell me
I tried to support you but failed
With other words I failed as a friend

Well I have a long weekend WOOHOO and that is why I can blog! C: Today and tomorrow I don't have school so I can sit at home and do nothing~ or like I do now, bloog~

Today I started out waking up really late! 8D with a big headache and with a sore throat.. I think about to catch a cold. but well I'm feeling better now so I'm gonna be Okay!~

Later I watched The princess and the frog, I really wanted to see watch it in the cinema but I didn't got to because of studies and no time and such and before I knew it, the English version was out of the cinema! D:

but I found out a guy from my school had it and borrowed it! Yaay V(≧∇≦)V I also borrowed Beauty and the Beast so I watched that one too (not today though.. xD) I thought the movie was really touching and when ******* died! :C I started to cry... and the Shadowman is a really awesome villain~ He is cool and smart and the tricks he does are pwnsome! 8D I also found him a bit charming haha! xD + He can do magic how cool is that?! 8D and his clothes are cool~ xD

I also kinda learned something. You don't always have to get all you want, if just you have what you need then you can be happy. Some touching words. No life is complete with only material stuff, the only thing you need is love~ *put lyrics to the song: all you need is love here* xD I also really like the ending song by Ne-Yo~ Never knew I needed~ I just like Ne-yo in general~ so I couldn't turn off my tv when the movie was finished.. I just had to listen to the final end.. xD but I think it's worth being called a Classic Disney movie~ and it's recommended~

I also watched the last 2 episodes of Kimi ni Todoke 2nd season! ;w; I cried so much! It's not really melancholic but more awww cuteish and well I cry to that kind of stuff too~

To say it shortly it's about Kuronuma Sawako, a girl who looks like the girl from the ring (?) Sadako, and is therefore called that. No one really seams to figure out that her name is SAWAKO which means something cheerful, and not sadako, like the girl from the ring. Everyone is scared of her and apologize to her because they think she can summon ghost and kill if you look into her eyes for more than 3 seconds.. Sawako is really shy and does her best to greet everyone in the morning and work hard to get friends. but because she is threated like that she has a hard time understanding what people think, and don't really know how to express herself. She falls in love with the class popular and shining guy Kazekaya, who is the only person on the entire school who threat her normally. but she doesn't know she is in love, and think it's only admiration. Later on she becomes friends with Yano and Chizuru, and they help her getting closer to Kazehaya and open up so she can socialize more. Then we just follow Sawakos life, how she face Kazehaya's 'fanclub', how she changes and learn to understand her and other peoples feelings.

I liked the ending, but I only guess it's because I already read it in the manga and knows what is going to happen afterwards. It's not a bad ending and GOD HEARD MY PRAYER they are not going to be married! xD Haha, I think shoujo anime where the pairing are getting married are *BAADR* xD and well if you like Shoujo anime with A LOT OF LOVE then it's not this one to watch, there is a lot of love, but you end up being impatient! xD but if you like it sugar sweet then it's the one. ^^ It's also about friendship, slice of life and you know typical shoujo~ The first season is 25 episodes and second is 12. The end and op songs are really sweet too, Love the way they are animated/drawn on/made~

and just to pick into my private life, I would say this picture describes my feelings best right now!
Picture taken from

So many twisted feelings between friends and love... I don't know where I stand anymore~ but don't worry I'm still cheerful and I don't cry~ I just have to take a break from everything and do something else to keep my mind busy~

Bye for now gonna work on cosplay~ and if I remember it then I'll take some picturs~

リ ー ナ  O U T

Reading:DRRR Fanfiction


  1. Princess and The Frog er en af mine yndlings disney film! havde ingen forventninger whatsoever, men den film er bare så fantastisk!

    god weekend til dig lina <3


  3. Uhh, I started to read Kimi ni todoke, when it just came out c:
    But since I'm sooooo bad, at sitting and waiting for new chapters .. I got no where
    - But thanks for the review : D ♥