Tuesday, 8 March 2011

★ OkashiiCon ★

So this weekend I went to Malmö in sweden to participate in Okashiicon, my first swedish con ever!~ I was really nervous and well I didn't think I would survive, but well hanging out with awesome people can totally cheer you up and make all your worries go away!~

Friday I was dressed in normal clothes~

and Saturday I borrowed Line's Sawako cosplay. I really want to sew one myself because Sawako is just so cute and adorable~

picture taken by Sabrina

picture taken by Line

I had an amazing weekend, meeting new friends, getting closer to old ones and getting to know people better who I didn't knew that well~ The con was only OK though, because there wasn't so many panels or events, and I felt like I was eating all the time! Haha~ but well when you spend time with your friends, time just fly away~ The weather was also really nice, so if the con went boring you could always go out in town shopping. I think Malmö is a really pretty town, I love the buildings and I'm a bit sad I didn't got to spend some more time there ;___; but hopefully I will go again sometime soon also because I miss my swedish friends~ actually i miss everyone and the good mood~ Look forward to see you all again~ Thaank for an amazing Con

Pictures taken by Ali Jehad

Sabrina why are you so damn cute

Pictures taken by Line

picture taken by Sheila Navarrete Hernandez

outsider not in kigurumi! *sad face* :C

リ ー ナ  O U T

Listening to:Yiruma - Kiss the rain


  1. Jeg er glad for at se du har haft det godt <3

  2. It was really nice meeting you! You're such a nice and sweet person *^-^* You should come next year too! n_n I hope to see you soon again ~ You'll be at svs right? :3 and btw, Line's Sawako cosplay look awesome on you aswell! :D

    Huggies! ♥

  3. aaaw it was so great to see you again! ;w;b
    and you're so CUUUTE as Sawako <3 ;w;b

  4. I have to say it again - you look like a total different person when you wear fake lashes! And you were soo cute as Sawako :D You should totally get your own Sawako cosplay~

    It was soooo nice chilling and laughing a lot with you! Thanks for an awesome convention :D

  5. Det var så hyggeligt at se dig igen, du er bare så søøød ♥ og Sawako-cosplayet klædte dig virkelig.

    Tak for en rigtig god weekend søde ~ ♥

  6. Iiiih du er så fin ♥
    Glæder mig til at se dig igen; og var glad for at se dig på connen : D~~

    pfff .. du formår altid at sige ting der gør mig helt awkward og mundlam ♥/på en god måde~

  7. Hahah! jag finns med i din blogg! :D

    /Sheila Navarrete H