Tuesday, 5 July 2011

K-pop, Beach and Sommercon

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I don’t think I have mentioned, that I got summer holiday? When I have vacation it means I get even more lazy than normal, meaning less blog entries even though I get more to blog about and that causes long entries! ~ So Warning, Long Entry on the way!

2 days after my birthday meaning the 26th of June I went to a K-pop meet up at Langelinie Park in Denmark I have been looking forward to it for some time because some of my friends I haven’t seen for half a year or so were going to attend

We had cake, Kimchi, Nocchi and a lot of Korean music, and the weather was nice It was kinda like our own little Korean Festival haha~ We even had some ‘dance-off’ every time someone knew the dance to a song, they would start dancing It was so nice and everyone had fun.

The two picture above taken by Felicia Nahmwhan Lindegaard

Later some of us went out to eat. We decided on a Chinese restaurant, it looked delicious, but I dunno if it were because I didn’t eat anything xD I got a lollipop before we entered the restaurant and that kind of killed my hunger. Hehe~ After we finished eating we separated and went home. I’m looking forward to our next K-pop meet up


Then the 29th of June I held a small get together birthday with some people from my school
We weren't many because some of them went to the Roskilde Festival and one of them went on Scout camp. But it was okay ~ because then I have an excuse to hold something again in the very near future!

First we did some shopping before going to Amager Beach. It was so HOT and it was really humid.. We found a spot on the beach near the sea and after 3 minutes I DIED or rather melted. Even though I brought an umbrella to shadow the sun, I was burning.
The two guys from my school seemed to be fine, but it ended with the three of us, swimming around in the sea to cool down. Or the two of them did, I just walked on the Shore, sometimes going in the water to my hips not further. The Sun was burning, but the water was Ice cold!

So I ended up lying under my umbrella and cover my body with a towel on the beach~ I didn’t wanted to get a tan, but I’m sure if I wasn’t lying under my umbrella and was covered by a towel I would be really tan! >__< I get tan so easily… After lying in the sun for 3-4 hours we started to grill sausages and bread~ It tasted really good and I think I learnt how to manage a onetime grill XD


and Finally, the previous weekend, 1st-3rd July, I went to Summercon~
Which was one of my best con ever~ I usually have a lot of expectationsm and I had this time too~ but somehow it turned out as one of the best cons ever~

I look liek crap, but Celia is so adorable on this picture! >U< Picture taken by Ali Jehad

I got to meet a lot of new people and getting closer with old ones~ I felt I had free time and didn't had to run from person to person all the time~ I also really liked the fact, that there weren't many people, only 120+ few.
I'm a bit sad I didn't get to take many pictures, and that some of my usually con buddies was missing~ I send you all my thought and love where ever and whatever you guys were doing~

I totally fell in love with the game MAFIA, it was so fun! *O* I want to be mafia again next time, so I can kill people "legally" ehehe~
So that has become another reason for me to look forward to Genki!~~

Actually the only thing I think was bad or less good about the con, was the weather. Friday was hot and nice~ Saturday morning was raining, afternoon hot and humid as hell and evening there was a cloudburst which caused floods in the entire Copenhagen area, which caused train, metro and bus problems. It rained as hell, almost the entire night There were even Thunder and Lighting... NIGHTMARE and KAOS I tell you >U< Sunday was better, it was still humid and hot but later it started to rain, not like Saturday though (but sunday night, when the con ended there were a hurricane! >__<, I hope everyone got home safe~~) Picture taken by Ali Jehad

Thanks for a nice con everyone~ Look forward to see you all again at Genki~~

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  1. aarg, alle de billeder! hvor bliver man glad :D godt du har haft en god start på ferien, og endnu en gang tillykke med fødselsdagen <3
    håber sommercon overlevede det helvedes vejr, for det var kun halvdelen af roskilde der gjorde!

  2. Lina du er bare så køøøøøn <3
    Update blog noget mere og lad vær med at være så græsen XD haha

    Aaaw ville gerne have været til SommerCon, I miss yoooou <3

  3. Aaaaw tak for en dejlig con!!! ♥ SummerCon var også min bedste con og du var en af grundene til det *hugs* ♥
    Og vi skal SÅ meget spille Mafia igen!!!
    Omg Kpop meetup!?! Hvorfor var jeg ik inviteret!?! :o

  4. Godt du har haft det godt!

  5. årh, det ser ud til at have været nogle hyggelige uger n_n Og at blive hurtig solbrun er ikke det værste at blive udsat for i sol :b Forsinket tillykke med fødselsdagen

  6. K-Pop meet? Sounds like lots of nerdy fun, haha :D

    And that's danish summer for you - burning sun, ice cold water XD
    But still sounds like a lovely trip to the "beach"

    And it was lovely seeing you at SommerCon :D You looked so cute all the time!!

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