Friday, 8 July 2011

Kung Fu vs. Drama

Wednesday I visited a friend to watch a lot of neglected Drama~ I usually watch drama in periods, but to tell the truth I took a really long break from it, because well I had some bad memories with my last drama, but I think I might be back in action

We Watched Dream High, which I think is a really cute story (I'm complaining a lot while watching it though but otherwise I like it )
I’m totally shipping Go Hye Min (Suzy) with Song Sam dong (Kim Soo Hyun) and Hyun Shi Hyuk (Taecyeon) and Kim Pil Sook (IU) with Jason (Wooyoung)

IU and Suzy are some of my favourite K-pop idols, so watching it (I’m not finished yet OTL) made me really happy, IU is ADORABLE while Suzy play a b*tch = 3=)p but I can’t really hate her
And well there are other characters I hate too, but there are too many to list them LOL~

The story is about the school (Kirin art high) which train teenagers in art performance, dancing and singing. The main character Go Hye Min (who is a b*tch, she is really mean and arrogant, and always think she is better than everyone) is a singer in training and sings opera but because her family is poor, she can’t go to her dream school Julliard and have to get accepted into the Kirin art high to pay back her dad’s debt, and on her road to success there is love problems, bitch fights and money issues which she has to solve somehow~

Well~ I had a lot of fun and I bought a lot of drama with me home, so I think I’ll be geeking that for a while~ so look forward to drama spam?

Look at him, he is adorable~ ♥

Thursday I went to the cinema and watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with a friend
Do you remember the first one with Po and the furious Five? (*´Д`*) Hehe this one was funnier and pretty good of a second movie to be~ I laughed my ass off so many times and I have now concluded I want a baby Panda! Po was so Cute as baby
I want to hug him and never never let go, but I don’t think I’ll be able to feed him, he eats so much (●´____`●)ゞ I so much want to buy those two movies and watch them again and again and again and pausing every time I see Po and go AWWWW~ haha
I also have to admit that Tigress and Mantis really made an impression on me, especially Tigress~ She is so Cool, Awesome and Hardcore and then she become so soft ;__; I also liked the scene with Po’s past and of course master Shifu being Master ‘master’ xD Shifu in Chinese means master~ I even started to cry, Po is too adorable not to cry over! >U< Or maybe it was just his past which touched me haha! I’m not sure, but there might come a third movie, dunno~ but if there do I want to watch it


Inner peace everyone ★ミ

リ ー ナ  O U T


  1. I LOVE ♥ DREAM HIGH!! And i totally cried when you found out about Sam Dong's disease AND that he saw Hye Mi and Shi hyuk together.. gosh I LOVED that drama! And IU was sooooo adorable ♥

  2. Oh I gotta watch Dream High! Seems nice <3 Btw, answering your comment on my blog here *^-^* If you wanna watch Heartstrings (which you definately should - cuz its awesome and then I can share my fangirling with someone :3) you should watch it at since they're fantastic and they sub the episodes faster than any other site out there! :D Huggies ~