Saturday, 23 July 2011

20110711 - 20110714

From this entry on I’ll start writing the date in the title or the start date to the end date, because I’m always a week or more late and I want to blog about everything.. so I think it will be easier. If not I’ll just go back to naming my entries! ^^b

Monday the 11th of July I went to my friend Yoshu’s.
She promised to teach me how to make satin ribbon roses (that’s why I bought it the other day)
I’m a bit n00b at everything Cosplay related and since I’m Yoshu’s #1 fan, I thought I would make her teach me the secret behind her rose making skills. I have tried making one using a tutorial by Cosmag, but I didn’t understand it at all, I thought it was confusing
So now another chance to learn! ^^
I’m a really quick learner, so it wasn’t much ‘work’ to do it was more like something we did on the side while talking and having a good time. My final result~

It was actually my first time, visiting Yoshu and it was really nice and you feel so welcome in her house~ I’m looking forward to next time because we are going to watch Disney movies! Thanks for a nice day~

Tuesday the 12th of July, I had an agreement with a friend, or in my head it was a date lol
We ate ice cream and we or I did a lot of shopping ~

After I finished shopping we went to his house, to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, because I still haven’t watched them! >U< and well a lot happened on the train and we got to talk things out. And well shortly said I’m now in a relationship~
The movies btw are awesome! Scary but awesome!.. Jack Sparrow’s personality is om nom nom nom for reals!~ You can’t say what he is thinking if he is on the good or bad side, haha~
After watching the movies I got picked up by my parents and in my opinion I ended in a really embarrassing situation.. >U< ehe… Next time I’ll just take the bus home lol~ Wednesday and Thursday were spent with my friend Tatiana~ She picked me up at Albertslund station, and WTF? There are two stations named the same.. so it gets seriously confusing, and of course did I end up at the wrong Albertslund station, but hey we are awesome so of course we solved the problem!

Our day went with a lot of geeking, talking, milkshake drinking and laughing~
I got to reread Honey hunt which is a super cute shoujo series I could seriously die for the guys! They are so adorable.. and the story and ;___; waaa it’s so cute, actually not really melancholic but just touching.. or so do I think..

We also watched Yosuga no Sora which I really don’t recommend… It wasn’t bad or anything.. it’s just you wouldn’t expect it to be a harem, ecchi, visual novel anime until you reach to the episode where the main character has sex with all the female protagonists.. not recommended.. oh and it’s really cliché.. and one of the characters make you want to kill her.. seriously I H A T E her, the series would be so better off her!
but I liked the art and you might ask, how did you guys pick it? We were searched for some romance shoujo anime and we liked the art so Ta daaah… the site just forgot to put mature, ecchi and harem on the genre list..

but otherwise we had a lot of fun with joking and such~ I’m totally in love with cats now! Not that much that I want to cry *joke joke* (Tat you know what I mean xb) but really She has the cutest fattest cat, I might even consider marrying them xD LOL

リ ー ナ  O U T

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  1. Woah, those roses looks amazing!! Doesn't it take a lot of patience to make them? xD

    And congrats on getting a boy-friendo :')