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» Introparty and The karate kid ♪

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What does it mean when you see or think of the person everytime you see someone who looks a bit like him/her, and hope it really is the person?
What does it mean when the person just left and you keep thinking of him/her, the whole time even though you know you won't find him/her?

Yesterday I went to Introparty, yayness~ sitting at a table watching my classmates drinking alkohol and play alkohol games~ lol~ I joined too but drank juice~ pretty funny.. I got so tired and the neon sticks was so awesome~ I LOVE NEON ☆ not to mention that I got over drew on.. I got a drawn a mask/panda thing and people writing panda and classes all over me. I even got some stars~ ☆ but the worst was that there was a girl who wrote Løkke with a speciel pen which was so much trouble to clean.. it totally looked like a tatto.. sadly I was to tired to take a picture I was just thinking, clean it and sleep.. I ended up walking home together with Julie from Vanløse station to Islev where our cycles were~ my feet hurt so badly x____x and I ended up sleeping the half day away!

Later on I went to the cinema with my family~ we watched:

It's beeen such a long time since we all 4(include Martin, my mothers boyfriend) have gone to the cinema together~ I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie so much.. it was funny, sad, serious and romantic~
It totally got on my favourite movie list. Some peope say Jaden smith(Dre) act was bad acting but I coulnd't see the problem? I think he did a good job.

Look out for spoilers

Some of my favourite scenes where I cried most was when Jakie Chan told Dre about his past, when Dre got hurt and in te beginning.. dunno why but I did lol.. to sentisive at times.... when I got home I cried a lot too lol.. just listening to music made tears fall. No matter which genre it was..

Favoutite romantic moments

It was so cute! I loved the story, I never heard it before, but my mother told me another story which reminded of this one. something with a speciel lamp. Bao ling den or something.. 'son goku' / the monkey king is in it too~ but it's a cartoon afterall lol~ memories

I want to be able to that too *O*

Rainy rainy rainy days

This looks like it hurts a LOT..

The Kung-fu scenes were totally awesome I were liek OMG COOL~~ all the time~ I am a easily swayed watcher~ After watching the movie I totally went liek: I want to learn KUNG-FU

1. then I can say yes when say: omg are you chinese? can you doo kung-fu then?
2. it is self protect
3. to make some exercise..

but sadly I couldn't find a club/Dojo which suited in my time schedule so I dropped it.. my father can do some kung fu but it's just not the same D: so in the end my brother(who didn't want to learn Kung-fu) and I joined a parkour team, the only reason I want to learn parkour is, it looks cool and Izaya and Shizuo from Durarara can do it~ *O* fangiiiirl I know I know~ so in september I'm going to my first parkour lesson~ i'm excited~

beautiful landscapes are beautiful
After watching those scenes I totally felt; I MISS CHINA! D: but I'm so happy that I'm going to china next summer holiday.. ;____; I really miss the chinese culture at home.. we are being too western but some chinese things never changes at our home.. the old chinese rules |||| but hopefully we will get some western rules and some chinese culture home. Also after watching Wendy Wu I had this feeling also because they mention it in the movie ^^; lol lol lol

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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