Thursday, 19 August 2010

» Happy Ending ♥ continued

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So long time since I last posted! Our computer is kinda broken... so I haven't been able to post anything sadly! D: I don't even have time to go to msn and chat with nice people... but right now I'm sitting infront of my brothers computer.. you might think, where are yours? mine? uhm haven't opened it yet.. I made a deal with my mother so I'll first get my computer later.

As I wrote in my precious entry, I'm started in 'high school' and I think it's super fantastic I have got some nice and lovely friends and my classmates are really nice, everyone is getting to know each other more and more and the boys aren't so shy anymore. High school isn't that hard that everyone says it is. Actually I find everything pretty easy.. but okay it's only the start and we are only 2 weeks in the term. Tomorrow there is an Introparty. We are going to eat together in our class before the party and at the party... the juniors and seniors are allowed to draw on the freshmens liek.. me.. T_____O I feel a bit unsure about that.. I mean.. they say they might draw at your clothes too.. >O<; so I'm going to find something ugly and cheap or cheap and pretty lol xD ♥ actually I sewed a dress just for that that.. but saadly I became to addicted to it and couldn't wear it with the thought of it going to be ruined.. so ended with a white T-shirt and a blue dress

Lately I have been drawing a lot, really really much, and I liked it so much, because I haven't drawn for a really long time (was about to write years but that's a lie.. xD) and I even made a new Oc for a competition on dA. If you remember me mention Knite from my earlier entries, then I'm going to make a OC for that manga in a competition on it's fansite. I really worked hard on the drawing.. T___T redraw it 3 times just to get it so perfect at possible. now I only have to scan and colour~ ^^ I promise I'll post it when I'm done~

happy ending everyone~

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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