Sunday, 22 August 2010

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Why do you keep making layout.. you just made one?..

Yeaah about that. I just love to make GTX OTZ..... I'm sry or something.. not to mention I just put up a poll with ideas of my next blog layout but I don't know what to choose I mean.. I would like to make a layout with all of them but then I just have to choose which one is going to be first!... life is sooo hard because there is SOOO many choices... but then that is why I made a poll please vote! it would help me a lot If anyone want I would with pleasure make a THX for voting GTX and give you credit for helping me~ just comment and tell me~

Mood: I'm SO Happy
Listening to: I like you, I love you - Kagamine Rin
Weather: Grey.. rain just stopped
Consuming: Fanta exotic
Gaming: Nothing
Reading: Homework
Watching: Fanta
Addicted to: Vocaloid songs; JBF, I like you.
Doing: Helping a friend with website making

リ ー ナ  O U T

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