Tuesday, 10 August 2010

» Old ending, New start

Mood: Saaaad, summer holiday is over
Listening to: Nothing.. sound is broken D:
Weather: Greyish
Consuming: Water melon
Gaming: Plants vs zombie
Reading: Katekyo hitman reborn chap 301
Watching: NKH Ni Yokoso episode 8
Addicted to: Stalkiing *O*
Doing: making Dinner.. ~

While sitting making dinner, I thought I would make a small entry about the last few days!~
Since I'm lacking blogging I thought it would be time.. not to mention that I started in high school.. pretty nervous making...

But let us take it after time, last weekend I went to Genki~~ met a lot of people and saw friends I haven't seen for a while~ ^^ I had fun, but somehow missed something.. I can't say what.. but I sure had some fun and seeing people was lovely~ The weather was fantastic.. it's was soooo WAAAARM D: but sadly it rained Sunday ☂ Not to mention that the cosplay show, fashion show and tea party was really fun~ just being at the con was lovely~ ^^ I already look forward to J-popcon.. my cosplay is already planned just have to sew seriously.. xD

Today I started in high school~~ It was tiring and haaard.. meeting new people and stuff not knowing anyone D: I also ended up in the wrong class.. but I can change class after Christmas! ^^ but my new classmates ... are really nice. I already memorized all the names in my class.. lol my super memori is finally helping~ ^^ I was also a bit surprised about Pelle from my parallel class at the old school is in my class too~~ ^^ really surprising not to mention that a Mads guy know a guy who know some of form my old class which I have met once.. Alexander.. lol xD Our class is already a bit splitted in small groups.. but it's not that bad yet... lol xD I also meet a girl who lives nearby me and we go home togehter after school~ ^^ we have a lot of fun together~~ ^^ Today she even bought me a Ice cream! TwT I have to thaaaaank her so much for it.. melon ice cream is really delicious~ ♥ ♥ It will be a bit sad when I'm changing class after Christmas.. but we can still keep in touch and we have german classes together ^^ hopefully we can still go home together after school ☆ I'm looking forward to the real serious lessons start... I have this feeling that these next three years are going to be great! ^^

I read chapter 301 of Katekyo hitman reborn. I can't believe It's already so far.. but no the only reason I'm blogging about it because of this.
Loook out of Spoilers
Click to see the picture~~

The person is so cute~~ I couldn't imagine him for this Era so seeing him liek this was liek OMG FANGIRLIIIIIING!... xD okay okay.. go read KHR yourself... feel liek talking to myself.. lol xD

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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