Thursday, 26 August 2010

» Finishing old draft~~

Lately the only two things I have been doing are: Drawing and making homework D:
I'm really happy that I finally got in the drawing mood again. Last time I last made a 'real' drawing was in 8th grade, or something like that! >U> or else it had been Chibi power all the time ^^ but I have to say that my Chibi drawing skills have improved!~ I can finally make a chibi I think is cute! ^^ I'm almost done with my Knite character! I have coloured it, made the background the only thing missing now is shadowing.. I suck at that part! T__T; so that might faaail pretty much sadly.. but I won't give up! *O*)/

English lessons at the moment is Charles Darwin~ The nerd says...; I think it's pretty exciting, about how life is created and how evolution developed! xD The funniest thing is that the religious people in my class are negative about the whole thing. They are what is it called? creatism? or something meaning believing in the world was created by a God of some kind.. even though it has been proved that evolution is fact! ^^ but whatever I'm excited for the next English lesson tomorrow!~

and now to the title. Old entry draft~ I have like 5 or so unfinished drafts. and I really Dunno why I haven't fnished them yet! D: because I really want to. I wish the computer could read my mind and write it down, but sadly the technology is not that developed!.. so I might update slowly!~~ ^^; hopefully I will be able to finish them someday~ ^^

Mood: Tired
Listening to: Totally spies opening! YES SIR!
Weather: sunshine
Consuming: Juice~
Gaming: Crypt raider
Reading: 'Evolution'
Watching: Totally spies
Addicted to: Drawing~~
Doing: Homework..

リ ー ナ  O U T

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