Monday, 7 February 2011

» Friends and TANGLED ♥

And so i'll read a book
Or maybe two or three
I'll add a few new paintings
To my gallery

As always my Entries come up too late ;___; It is just that I can't make myself blog on a weekday and usually I just don't have the time.. but I'll try to blog on the actual day! *^*)b 頑張っています ★


Friday was spent with Julie~ I went over to her place and we decided to be a bit lazy, mostly me lol x'D We just lay down in the couch and watched disney channel~ and eating Pizza~ First we saw Treasue planet and then we watched X-factor a danish program about singing.... and then two random movies, I think the first was called the italian job and the second was the girl next door. The italian job was so cool~~ it was a detective story/thief story thingie~ ^^ after that I just went home the time was about 1-2 am x'D but luckily she doesn't live too far away~ actually she only lives 3 minutes away or something like that~ it was really relaxing ♥


I spend the most of the day sitting home beiing bored D: but then I continued watching Avatar the last airbender~ and totally forgot the time >w< so when the it was about 4 pm I had to hurry to get to my classmate Pelle's home, because I had promised him to help making waffles~ Because we planned to make a waffles and matrix movie night for the class as a opportunity to get to know each other better~ sadly not many people could make it because of work and other forgot it ;___; so we were only 4... but I had a good time anyway~

The first movie was really good and really caught my interest, so I really hoped the second and the third would be good as well~~ ♥ but I got really really disappointed about the second movie! D: Too much love and not so much action... but then it made a comeback in the third movie! not as awesome as the first movie, but well okay~ after finished the third movie I got SO tired that I didn't had any energy to watch Paprika and Inception as planned! x'D we had a dream movie theme~ So exciting especially the thing about lucid dreams! The dreams you can control yourself and the feeling that you know you're dreaming and then aboout reality and dream! That is also why I have started to make some habits to experience lucid dreams and that is also why I started to make a dream diary~ ♥ ♥ ♥


Sunday I went to my Grand cousins Birthday~ once again I ate a lot .O. I always get stuffed with food... when I visit him~ Actually the only thing we did was eating x'D and then he opened his present, the good thing about giving him presents is that he always think that it is the thought which matters! so you could give him a stone and seriously he would be happy! x'D I gave him cocoa, well he said himself that was something he wanted and well also became happy for the present! :3
After the birthday my brother and I went to the cinema to watch:

Awesome movie is awesome, I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! I couldn't take my eyes from the screen and the songs were so wonderful! I couldn't resist so I downloaded the soundtracks when I got home and just put the songs on reply and listened to them over and over again~ ♥ There were tears, there were laugher and smiles~ I am so happy that I wore contacts so my glasses wouldn't be in the way when I wore the 3D glasses~ (yes I'm allergic but it wasn't that bad, I think it's only when it's for a longer period) + I'm so happy that I watched it in English, I seriously think the movie would be ruined if I saw it in Danish! and Tangled totally became my favourite Disney cartoon/animation movie ♥

I don't care it's not drawings, I actually like the animations really much!~ The characters also really caught my interest! x'D and even though I HATE horses, real or fictive ones, I actually did accept Max(imus) a little~ Pascal was adorable ♥ Flynn was cool and Rapunzel was beautiful and I wish I had a friend like her, her personality is just sweet as sugar and much more~ I really think that Louise resemble Rapunzel, everytime I saw Rapunzel Louises face showed up. and I kinda believe their personality are alike~ ^__^; I really enjoyed and love the movie~ 83 I'm so much going to buy it when it comes out! ^^

リ ー ナ  O U T

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