Monday, 14 February 2011

» Happy Valentine's day ♥

If you want a pretty, every wanna pretty
Andoendaneun mameun
No no no no
If you want a pretty, every wanna pretty
Eodiseona dangdanghage geotgi

happy Valentine's day everyone~~ x3

Taken by: MLFA

Yesterday I spontaneous went to a loli meet up~ well the truth is I was going to meet up with my friend Kristine to give her Valentine's chocolate, but then she told me there was a loli meet up and then well yeah I attented, not dressed up as loli at all... not even J-fashion stylish.. but I don't regret going.

First up we went to ARoS, there is a new Rainbow at the top! +w+ but we didn't go up because it's not finished I guess?.. I'm actually not sure what we were supposed to see~ I guess we just walked inside randomly~ ^^; but random is good at times ♥ We started with eating cakes~ *O* It looked to delicious and it tasted really good~ sadly I can't eat buttercream, to much fat after my opinion, just like I can't eat cheese cake..

After eating cakes we walked around and looked at the different arts.. Everyone was dressed so cute and beautiful as lolitas~ Even some people at the museum started to ask if we were dressed up for a special reason, some people even praised the lolis~ Well what can I say? They were really all so pretty ^^b

The only exhibition I actually found cool/cute was the small bears~ the only reason is they looked cute and when you wore some special glasses there would be a lot of rainbow all over them~ Yaay for Rainbows! x'D but just being with the lolitas was wonderful~ ^__^ I had a lot of fun and even though I only thought I would stay for a couple of minutes or half an hour I stayed for like 4 hours or something around there! but I don't regret it~ I'm actually really happy for staying because I feel like I got to know the people better and they all seems like sweet and lovely persons~ ★ I would love to spend more time together with them~

Today I held a small birthday for my mom and her boyfriend~ the people was nice, but they were 'old' or should I say older than me, so I kinda found it difficult to start a conversation, they were all university professors or students, and then me a simple high school student.. well yeah.. but I got the premission to make the cake Wee~ I personal think it was waay too sweet.. but I hope the others liked it~

リ ー ナ  O U T

Mood: Cheerful~
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  1. I'm so happy Kristine talked you into going to the meet - it was so much fun getting to know you some more! You seem like such a sweet and funny girl ♥
    And I thought your outfit was super cute ^O^

  2. Aaaaw the meetup looks so much fun! wish I had been there ): miss you

    OMG the cake looks awesome :D yay for cake & rainbows

  3. Glad you joined us!

    Even though I look like "purrr" in the picture :D