Monday, 21 February 2011

Winter holidays

You and I left our troubles far behind, troubles far behind
But I still have just one more question on my mind
For all my pals who live in the oceans and the seas
With friends like these well, who needs enemies
Owl city - The bird & the worm

Today I started in school again after a weeks holiday~ I was really busy so I didn't really had time to blog D: and since my lesson is cancelled I felt like blogging~~ ^^


I went to roskilde to meet up with my friends Kaneko and Tea~ we met at the station and walked to the mall, and gosh it was freezing X___X I felt like my brain was going to freeze to death and I got a terrible headache..

when we got inside we went on a café eating nachos and drinking coffee or Tea did~ Kaneko and I drank Cocoa with icecream (and whiped cream)~ The Nachos was delicioous and so was the cocoa, even though it was Cokio(a cocoa brand) which I usually dislike ^^; After finishing eating it turned out to be totally shopping~ Mostly from Tea's side, since Kaneko and I didn't bring as much money as her~ ^^ I didn't buy anything but I felt fat x'D After eating Nachos I ate Ice cream, French nougat and Sluch Ice~ but well we had fuuun~ and when we went home it wasn't as freezing as when we arrived and It ended with Tea and I talked about making a cosplay together~ We don't know which yet but one~~ Looking forward to it already >w<)b


I forgot my camera so no pictures ;__; but I spend the day together with Line and Mawj~ I forgot to bring my valentine chocolate as well _ _ Oh a day with a lot of forgotten stuff, but well we send the most of the day being K-pop geeks talking about SHINee, TVXQ and other popular K-pop guy groups about how Hottie they were and that we still waited for their next single bla bla bla~ ^^ My throat hurted as hell so we went from Line's room to the kitchen floor drinking tea~ *O* I dislike tea lol.. but well it helped A LOT and well Earl Grey is okay~ sadly we had to end early because Mawj had to go somewhere else and I promised my mother to be home at dinner >_< so short visit was short D: but luckily I will see them on Tuesday at japanese lessons~


I forgot to USE my camera this time lol lol~ but Thursday I visited Line~ We saw the dreamwork movie: The road to El Dorado~ and OMG so much commercial about Dreamwork in that movie x'D LOL but it was really really good and I'm so happy I got to see it~~ ^^b I only heard good things about it from Kristine otherwise I didn't knew it existed XD but I really enjoyed it and laughed a lot and the songs were good ^__^ well I don't think I would be able to see it in English dunno.. now the danish voices are just stuck in my head~ x'D

After the movie Line 'made' my nails~ She painted grey and black cheetah/leopard spots on and it was really pretty and cool *O* Actually today almost everyone asked if I had made them myself and told me they were cool xD So Thank you Line~ I really like them *O*

After that we just had a nice time talking, listen to music, me looking at Line making her AWESOME Eruka cosplay~ It was nice we could talk about everything and it was really relaxing~ ^^ and I got permission to borrow her Sawako Kuronuma cosplay~ I feel so happy~ again Thaanks Line, you're a sweet heart~

Thursday - Saturday

I went to Odense to visit Desirée~ we spend thursday evening half sleeping and talking SO TIRED LOl x'D Then Friday we went to 'Rosengårds centeret' and walked around looking for a present for her, because well I was SO uncreative and couldn't come up with a birthday present and I think money was unsuited. Sadly we didn't find anything but I think I got a idea what to make her~ So just you wait Desirée x'D We didn't spend much time there after me eating my Coldstone Ice cream and buying something in Panduro Hobby we went home again~

In the beginning we were bored not sure what to do, but we quickly came up with something to do~ ^^b We chose to make a RPG over the Wii game Harvest moon animal parade~ I'm so in love with Wizard~ *O* He is so cute, and his hobbies is lovely, stargazing and studying 'magic', astrology, astronomy, Alchemy, runes etc etc~ I think it's so interesting~~ It actually been pretty long since last time I really made a RPG I'm really interested in~ ^^ Last time was Sexuality which quickly turned into a collab story and after 2-3 stories my friend quit and left it to me alone~ well I understand why she quit, too many homework.. I have those too, so well I'm slowly at writing as well lol~ x'D but well writing takes it time~

Saturday went by talking and go for a long walk


For the first time in the holiday I went to Copenhagen center~ I met up with my friend Celia, who was in Copenhagen the weekend~ Because I had time to spare I decided to do a quick dress up x'D and well I curled my hair and put on some eyeliner and fake lashes~

Celia had lost one of her contact so she couldn't recognize me at first lol~ then we walked down of some pedestrian streets~ our first stop was in the 10 DKK shop tiger, I bought a little Tomohon(友本) short for Tomodachi Hon like a con hon, but it's for whenever I spend time with my friends, because I'm bad at taking pictures I thought this would be an idea and then I want people to draw in it

Then after that we talked about inviting Kathrine(Yugi), Zarah and her sister Hannah to come with us, but sadly Yugi couldn't make it, but we met up with Zarah and Hannah later. First we went to the pancake company where Celia got to om nom nom her crepes! x'D

Then we went to Baresso and sat there until Hannah and Zarah came by and well we just spend the rest of time there talking, fangirling and well more talking and and Da1st Hah~ It was fun and enjoyed myself so much~ Hopefully we will see each other soon heh~ until we meet again all four let's all work hard (especially the NO GOOD me lol x'D)

Picture taken by Zarah

Did everyone else have a good holiday? or are you like in Odense, first getting your holiday in this week? derp derp x'D

リ ー ナ  O U T

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  1. Ohh it seemed like you had a nice holiday sweetie!! :D <3
    Hahaha, but yes let's work hard together! xD We need to do something together all 4 again! It's so much fun fangirling and talking about Da1st! <3

  2. ... Åh min gud hvorfor er du så nutte med krøller?! Dig + mig + kamera = shoot. Du har intet at skulle have sagt.
    Vejen til El Dorado er awesome 8D og nu kender du også voers figurer *High five*
    "Den der lille stemme inde i hovedet.. Den har du ikke Miguel"
    "En plan?! Hvad får dig til at tro der er en pl-- hvorfor?!"

  3. Aww, det lyder som om du har haft en super hyggelig ferie.. <3 Og det var SÅ hyggeligt at du gad at komme og besøge mig - er glad for at du kunne lide The Road to El Dorado lige så meget som mig ^^ Den er også mega god! Og det var da så lidt med neglene + Sawako cosplayet.. vi må lige finde ud af at mødes, så du kan få 'resten' af det.. <3

  4. Ååårh jaerrr, hvor jeg råhygger herhjemme, med ingen skole og bare Calvin 8 timer om dagen. (Ja, seriøst) *Vrikke med øjenbrynene* If you know what I mean. Hnf hnf. <3

    Kunne dog godt også bruge noget Lii ;W;... Siigh!