Thursday, 3 February 2011

» Celebrating Chinese New year


Another late entry ;____; the chinese new years eve this year was February 2nd. and this year it is the Rabbits year~ people born in 2011, 1999, 1987 and 1975. Just count 12 backward if you are older. My mom is Rabbit and I have a 2 uncles who are Rabbits as well so we kinda celebrated their year too~

The 2nd I went to Parkour as usual but before that my mom, Martin, My brother and I were going to eat at a chinese restaurent, but it was closed every wednesday so I ended up eating Mc D. lol I felt so damn fat ;__; and I failed a bit to Parkour as well.. but other than that after Parkour I got to eat my favourite Pizza! Garlic Pizza *O* because I had to go to Parkour I couldn't dress up! ;__; but

the 3rd I was invited to my mother's aunt's New years eve dinner something~ This time I got to dress up~ It is a tradition to wear something red at New year because red symbols fortune!~ The only thing you do to these New years eve celebrations is eat! x'D so now a food spaam

Because of my Grand cousin's Fiance's mother had Birthday we also got layer cake! x'D It has been soo long since I last time tasted a layer cake with out whiped cream *O* and it was really tasty because it was really sour. The raspberry cream was a bit sour but the marzipan around the cake was really sweet~ a perfect combination~ om nom nom nom

There were so many other desserts as well but I kinda forgot to take pictures, I just started to eat lol.. ♥ Sometimes I hate to visit my mother's aunt because there is ALWAYS SO MUCH FOOD and A LOT of desserts... I am seriously going to get fat.. and I am still going to eat the next two days ;__; Saturday is Waffles and Sunday is my grand cousins Birthday so well more food.... I have to do A LOT of exercise if I want to avoid getting fatter! but luckily I'm going to Parkour monday.. and I have the feeling it is going to be really hard >__< My outfit~ I didn't had anything red really so used Pink instead ♥

BTW I can't wait for this awesome Weekend to start ♥ Friday with Julie, Saturday with my class and Sunday is my grand cousins Birthday + the day I'll se TANGLED ♥ ♥ ♥ Look forward to entry spaam ♥

+ I GOT A THUMBLR Cute Starfish

リ ー ナ  O U T

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  1. Din bun er alt alt for nuttet <3

  2. Yumyum, Chinese food - looks very delicious!! QwQ And that cake looks ABSOLUTELY AWESOME *__* Waaant!

    Your hair looks way too cute when done that way!