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» Black ★ Rock Shooter

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The Black ★ Rock Shooter anime is finally out!~~ (7 dags ago though... means there might come an episode 2 soon *waiting waiting*...)

The characters is really cute, not so original but still super cute!~~ I have to say I'm totally in love with Takanashi Yomi! The main characters best friend. I love love love her hair~ it's über cute ^^ and she also somehow remind me of my Best friend, both in personality and Appearance. The green eyes and curly black hair~ even though my BFF's hair is brown again, but it was black once~ Yomi is kinda shy and so is my Best friend~ I love Yomi's Black ★ Rock Shooter version too~ even though it's not called that I think it's the dead master or something liek that~ Picture Spam ♥

The main Character Kuroi Mato is kinda cute too, but sometimes I think she is a b*tch... ^^; especially because I feel Yomi-chan's pain! D: but if we should put it into a real life situation, then I could be Mato.. I already love her mobile and almost all of her clothes.. STARS EVERYWHERE ♥ I LOVE STARS! actually it could be me at that age~ I don't liek Basket ball through, I'm more a not ball person, but basket is better than football ^^; Like runing around being happy and enjoying my almost carefree life~ I read somewhere they are 12. And! I also have a little brother like she does~ ^^ but mine is more annoying *coughcough* if you haven't guessed it Mato's Black ★ Rock Shooter version is Black ★ Rock Shooter.. xD LOL Or the Hatsune Miku Black ★ Rock Shooter. To be honest I'm not sure how the whole Black ★ Rock Shooter version thing is connected to them. Others that they look a like and definately are their 'Other selves'

It's pretty confusing anime~ >U> but one thing is sure it's based on the Vocaloid song Black ★ Rock Shooter, by Hatsune Miku

Which I find pretty Cool~~ I don't know how the two things are connected but I think it's something to do with another world and a game of courage [I'm not that clever... *looks at Desirée* l3;;] but We'll wait and see~~ I hope there will come an episode 2. My friend told it's not sure there will.. because episode 1 was pretty long.. I also found the anime pretty sad.. and touching. I'm a bit sensitive so maybe it's just me, but I surely recommend it.. I always do that don't I?... *siiigh* but here is the trailer:

If you have decided you want to watch it, check it out or give it a chance then here is a link: [Black ★ Rock Shooter]

Watch it~ ♥

picture taken from: Black ★ Rock Shooter Wiki

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