Saturday, 10 July 2010

» Melting~

Todays weather was so damn HOT! =W=; again I was wondering why the f*ck I ended up wearing black.. I met up with Line and Emma at the Central Station. It's was damn hot.. when we took our first steps out I TOTALLY regreted that I didn't brought my Umbrella, Fan or a water bottle.. Like a magnet I totally attract all the warm from the sun because I was wearing black, not to mention my hair is also black.. We walked down the pedestrian zone~~ and again we saw the headless umbrella woman! ^^ She is so kind~ Still reminding me of Celty~ NO MORE DRRR.... TxT;

Our first stop was at Baresso, We sat there for pretty long time just Talking~ xD Mawj said she would meet up with us later so while we were waiting we talked about K-pop and Berlin and more K-pop xD

then we went to Tiger. I brought some Strawberry glasses because they reminded me of those in Nana~ but it was so obvious that it was bad quality ugly stickers.. but hopefully they will stick to the glasses..

Then on our way back to the Central Station, we stopped at a book shore which sold cheap manga so I bought the rest of Chobits. I love clamp cuteness FTW~~

Then Line and Emma ate Chinese food or Emma did because Line changed her mind and ended with Mc D then mawj called and said she couldn't, she just came home from holiday! D: sadly.. but we made a promise to meet another day soon

Emma didn't want to go to the beach so she went home while Line and I went to Amager beach to take a look and enjoy the good weather~ delicious~ We sat by the broard with our feet in the water~~ the water was obnoxious~~ too much sea weep X__X and other disgusting things. We sat there for 2 hours or so just talking and me collecting sea shells~~ I'm a collecter~ ^^ when we were about to go home I slipped and got water all over my clothes ;___; so I went home totally wet.. but it surely was a happy and lovely day ^^ such amazing weather

Mood: Melting~
Listening to: Garu Garu Go - Big bang
Drinking: Cacao~
Eating: Shawama
Reading: One piece
Watching: Phineas and Ferb
Addicted to: Nothing
Doing: Blogging

リ ー ナ  O U T

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