Sunday, 11 July 2010

» Such a beautiful Rain

Mood: Fascinated
Listening to: To the same heights - Key sounds Label
Drinking: Water
Eating: Nothing
Reading: One piece
Watching: The falling rain
Addicted to: -
Doing: searching for pokemons

In Denmark the heat has beaten me up totally.. it's just too HOT and I am sweating a lot.. and I get tired very easily.

right now is it raining~ A lot.. just looking outside make me smile I love rain as long as it doesn't rain on me.. but if I'm inside and looking out then rain is wonderful~~ I love to go for a walk after rain, the air is so fresh like the rain just washed everthing away. The best is to lie on your bed with a good book and listen to music while it's raining outside.. greyish weather is no no but greyish rainy weather is YES!~

Rainy days always make me think a lot... about life, friends, family and such.
I also have some weird love for umbrellas *___* They are so beautiful.. I especially like those with ribbons, laces and those which are transparent. I have a blue and a yellow one and on with a little ribbon~ waaa~~ I'll go outside

See yaa~

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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