Monday, 26 July 2010

» Just be friends ♥

Mood: Tired~~ >U<
Listening to: Just be friends - Megurine Luka
Weather: Dark
consuming: Nothing
Reading: Nothing
Watching: The kids next door
Addicted to: Just be friends PV
Doing: Taking snapshot from the KBF PV

Yesterday I came home from Tatiana's 18th birthday~~ ^^ Fun times with both Karaoke[singstar] and Dancig stage Fusion~ Sleepover in a tent, playing Kingdoms heart etc etc~~ Happeh happeh Times~ LOL~ I'm really happy that I talked with Samie on the train on our way home~ She is a really nice girl~ and I somehow felt that she understood everything that I told her~ Lovely feeling~

but when I came home I went in a Just be friends mood... Freaking the video and Rockleetist version on youtube.. LOL.. while searching I also found some awesome videos~

Just be friends PV Original

Rockleetist version English

Cosplay Version

please enjoy~~

After watching the cosplay version I was just like: I WAAANT TO COSPLAY... but since I know two others who also want to I might drop it ^^; instead I make a new layout with it~ and OMGZ making the screenshots took liek FOREVER =W=; especielly the speciel pictures at the 3:50 in the song.. yesh yesh.. after retaking that part liek 20 times I remember the time! xD
So What do you think of the design?~~ Since I liek making GTX I would like to hear how I do~ and what I can make better to next time...

and please take a look at the footer! >U< because I worked hardest on that part.. because it wouldn't do as I told it to do. T_T and what about the entry backgound?~ >< is it annoying? Can you read the text?... Should I remove it?... and the entry bottom.. >_
and and... what about the music?.. .. ... okay okay I relax...

-sweat sweat- but hope you liek it.. T______T;

Just be friends ♥

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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