Tuesday, 6 July 2010

» Picnic ♪

Listening to: What dreams are made of - Hilary Duff
Drinking: Fanta Exotic
Eating: Nothing
Reading: One piece
Watching: Nothing
Addicted to: One piece
Doing: Reading One piece

So Today I went on a picnic with Line. We were at a little garden/park near the Ballerup Station.. The Park was small but there was a cool fountain and chairs and benchs. Line had brought a carpet, tea, cucumber sandwiches and her ipod. The Cucumber sandwiches tasted different from what I'm used to so it was something different...

The tea was black cherry tea~~ It tasted good but it needed some sugar.. xD I can't drink tea without sugar lol xD Sadly we hadn't enought boiled water~ but we enjoy ourselves anyway

There was some cute Ducks~~ xD Trying to dive.. always turning their butts in the air.. xD They were so cutie.. xD If I had my Camera I would have taken some pictures of them T____T -evil glare at mom and mobile..- There was also a man.. I think he might be a bit Pedo... or maybe not xD He made me feel pretty unsafe! Leaving the park and coming back again all the time.. but happily nothing happened.. and we could leave safe.. xDDD

Another Short Entry~

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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