Friday, 9 July 2010

»Another Tag - A blogging game ☀

Mood: Happy~
Listening to: Ben10 TV
Drinking: Nothing
Eating: Cherries
Reading: One piece
Watching: An Anime soon~
Addicted to: Dunno, Nothing?
Doing: Wanna make some GTX T_T

I got tagged by Zaa-chan in some kind of Blogging game~
How to 'play it'
You have to post a picture of the sun and answer some questions about summer And then you tag 4 people!

Sun picture:
I don't have one.. =W=; ... -google- or waaait~

3 things you especially like about summer:
my birthday 8D... JK
☀ The light evenings~
☀ The shining sun/The warm weather
☀ Bathing at the beach and eating ice cream

3 things that can suck about summer:
☀ Bugs... especially spiders and Mosquito
☀ Being sweaty fast
☀ It's too HOT

What do you enjoy doing in the fabulous weather?
☀ Sleeping late
☀ Sleeping in the sun
☀ Sitting in the sun reading
☀ Sitting in the sunand listen to music
☀ Having picnics
☀ Bathing at the beach etc etc~~

Fave flower?
✿ Sun Flower, Rose, water lily, Sakura, daisy... I love almost all kinds of flower ✿

Fave color?
☀ Light blue
☀ Black
☀ White
☀ Pink
I think all colours are awesome~

Fave summer dish?
Barbecue and Ice cream.. xD

3 fave ice cream flavors:
☀ Lemon sorbet/Mojito
☀ Watermelon sorbet/melon sorbet
☀ stracciatella

Destination for the travel of your dreams:
☀ Japan
☀ South Korea
☀ Singapore
☀ England
☀ Spain
☀ Greece

Best travel you've had:
Japan ★

Bathing clothes:
Bikini~ I need a new one~ xD

Plans for summer 2010:
☀ Having fun with friends~
☀ Making memories
☀ Sewing cosplay
☀ Going to England
☀ Celebrating my Birthday
☀ Celebrating Tats birthday
☀ Going to Germany
☀ Genki 10
☀ Cleaning my room xD

☀ Desirée
☀ Yaya
☀ Celia
☀ All the others are already tagged~~ T____T; everyone who wants to do it

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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  1. Jeg svarer lge på din comment her! (Og jeg vil vildt gerne smage vandmelon isen nu!!!)

    Men nej det gjorde du aldrig xD Og har kun set 3 episoder, men elsker Lelouch! Haha. Hvem er din fave??