Saturday, 17 April 2010

☀ Hanami first day

Today was the first day of Hanami! Met up with Celia-chan, Trine, Line-sempai and two of her friends! ^__^ Kristine and Emma o,o KEEP forgetting the other girls name... I am sry! TxT I am failing in sticky brain OTZ. The Weather was HORRIBLE! TxT A little bit sun but mostly windy and cloudy. The flowers were not even blooming... I was disappointed! D: but but but I was almost fainting when I saw a Hibari-sama and a Pineapple-sama cosplay! *0* I COULD DIE! I really wanted to stalk them.. *w*;; Their cosplays were so amazing and pwnsome good made! ♥ Especially Hibari’s Tonfas! ♥♥♥ To be honest I was sad that Pineapple didn’t had a trident! But it is hard to make so I understand! Still happeh about Mi-chan is helping me making one! I hope It will turn out good and then I can use it *0* There was a Squalo cosplay too! From when he was young! 8DD Totally すごい! Dunno what to do! TwT Everyone were so amazing.. there was a lot of people wearing Kimono Like Liv, Sirup and Mie~ So envy! I want a kimono too! I think almost everyone were freezing! X0X Soooo cold I even think I caught a cold! I don’t feel well right now! D: I really hope nothing happened... but The most of the day I was walking... my feet are BURNING! Not like Tsuna-chaaan but almost.... xD I feel like I am too KHR addicted/fangirling right now! I was really happy that Mawj was there so she could fangirling with me... ALMOST FAINTING AND SCREAMING... Too addicted... I even joked about making a fanclub for Josephine when she cosplayed Hibari and she has cosplayed Hotaru as well ♥ My totally beloved favourite characters!! But with stalking and having fun I was still disappointed about the Sakura trees not blooming... Last year’s Sakura trees were soo beautiful~

I don’t even wanted to take pictures from this year.. maybe I will go to Langelinie next week to look if the Sakura has bloomed ♥ but yeaah the first day went with STALKING HOT ASIAN BOYS with Celia-chan, Tanya, Yugi and Trine, Stalking Mukuro, Squalo and Hibari ♥, Eating Yugi’s AWESOME おいしい Cake~ and go around looking for people! And say hiii!! Met a lot of people I haven’t seen for ages! TwT made me really happy. The first day was totally enjoyable except for the cold/freezing weather~ I got a new friend too!~~ Name: Simone Cosplay: Megurine Rin. [Spelled?] and she has cosplaying Chrome~~ ♥ We had such a great talk~ I even got her phone number but sadly she doesn’t come tomorrow but I hope we will meet again at Svscon! Hmm... I missed Desirée by my side~~ but the thought of her being happy at home made me happeh <3 ^__^ Hope she will make it next year~~ and hope the Sakura is blooming then.
And as a request from Liv I will go upload all the pictures on Facebook! xD if you want them please tell me then I will send them to you~

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