Tuesday, 13 April 2010

» Super Shiny Shiny mood

WEATHER WEATHER WEATHER IS SOO SHINY SHINY!~~ Having a walk every night recently because the weather is sunny and warm ♥ My next entry is going to be under Magic~~ Because the weather and horoscope is a big part of my life right now~

Today was a totally BORED day -__-; environment weeek~~ .____. Totally left out.. BORING BORING BORING.. and totally sad making.. felt totally ignored.. but I also felt totally nerd.. talking all the time and answering all the questions.. Hmm when we painted I couldn't paint much because I wasn't allowed and when we made the "air pollution in China" I was scolded by the others for wanting to do the header.. and when we eated Lunch I was scolded again for not explaining math good enough ;A; It's not my fault people don't understand my explanation and sry for talking too much and fast.. Really wanted to screaam and cry.. recently The only thing I want is to scream.. and apologize.. I feel like dumping it all on Line-sempai and I don't mean to do that.. I am Sry Line-sempai.. I am just hopeless... T____T

but the after classes were so enjoyable TwT I was so happeh~ We had 3 English lessons~~ Watching the movie: Once were Warriors~ Began crying.. or almost.. it was so saad but that wasn't the reason for my happiness ♥ My crush was there~ We talked and just looking at him made me happeh~ ♥ Love makes blind I know but I was so happeh my heart beated so fart ♥ ♥ ♥ Remind me of Heartbeat - Stereo Skyline ♥ ^^ but also another boy from my class we had fuun making a bit fun of the movie.. xD after classes the sun was shining~~ laughed so much of a joke about saying hello~ so Random ♥ ♥

Yesterday I finished the enjoyable manga Koko ni iru yo! ♥ Same author as Watashi ni XX shinasai ♥ Still waiting for chapters on WXXS but koko ni iru yo is completed. It's about Sumino-chaan who blogs about her life. she is overlooked but people who comment on her blog help her and then slowly she gets courage to talk to people and her love life is starting too ♥ If I ever was going to make friends on my blog I would cry of happiness~~ because sometimes online friends are as good as offline friends~ After Watashi ni XX Shinasai I waant to make phone/online stories too TwT I want a mobile where I can update things online~~ maybe I will put some of my FF on Fanfiction.net.

I went to singing for last time today~~ don't think I will start in the new term. I really enjoyed it! I think It went pretty good! so hoping maybe next year I can start again~ ♥

Thinking about taking a walk later~~ but that's for today~ Tomorrow! DTU~~

またね、ここにいるよ ♥ 毎日、Commentは100%OK ♥

Mood: Shiny shiny
Listening to: Daisuke Kirii - Itsumo Gawa Ni
Consuming: Easter Kinder chocolate~
Creativity: Hold me tight Drawing~ Waant to scaan~
Addicted to: KHR and Shoujo manga
Doing: Cosplay

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