Saturday, 10 April 2010

» Gathering memories and B-day party

Today I started doing exercise! xD~~ Almost fainted because I didn't ate any breakfast before~~ So stupid ne~? I guess that is just how I am~ but after eating breakfast I felt OK again~ ^^

After eating breakfast I went out to take a walk together with my brother~ Gathering memories from old times~ TwT I almost began crying seeing the old school, after-school centre and play grounds! We even climbed the trees and I got the opportunity to take pictures ^^

After coming home again~~ we helped decorate everything for my brothers party. The flag kept falling down even though I taped them 5 times T_T They were evil!
but then the guests came and we had a good time talking and eating together~ ICE CREAM TO DESSERT! owo So Happeh Rainbow Ice~ *W* and I got even more memories when Kim and Mi-chan began playing Playstation II ~~ playing old games which we used to play when we were younger T_T I could cry of Happiness! Having such a good time talking and playing~~ and I was happeh too that Mi-chan Liked my present! ^^ ♥

After everyone went home I read manga xD LOL! Citrus love and Boyfriend! owo just figured out that I have boyfriend last chapter in my Nagayoshi Chapter~~ ♥ and I want to make a list for what I have watched/read and which I am missing/want to watch/read xD too many @x@ my Grandcousin always ask me: Don't you ever get tired of Manga? Then I always reply: Don't you get tired of Football? xD It's the same thing ne? xD After my opinion it is! D:

But I had a lot of fun watching football with him afterwards xD Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona!~~ Of course I am with Barcelona! ^^ I SUPPORT CELIA-CHAAN 100% My brothers friend Marhawii or how it's spelled support FCB too~~ xD Smsing with Celia about Football sure is something new~~ but yeaah~~ I think Kim and Celia-chan will have a good talk~ talking about football and how much they like FCB xD ♥ Maybe I will try to let them meet at my sweet 16~ It's soon soo yeaah have to think about it fast! but of course Celia and Kim would say FCB won!~ Yeaaah or something xD don't like football at all xD

That's all for today~

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