Wednesday, 28 April 2010

»Sakura Flowers and Friday ♥

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Today after school I went to the square to look at the Sakura trees~ Last week when I went to mini Hanami with Zaa-chan and Hannah-chan the Sakura at the square weren’t bloomed~ but today when I went there the flowers were so beautiful~ I couldn’t control myself so of course I took pictures~ People looking at me, maybe they thought I was a tourist or just weird. But to be honest I don’t mind! I am so used to be the weird one~ I hope I have some free time on Saturday to go watch the Sakura trees at Langelinie Park~ they might bloom now~ I will take a lot of pictures~~ *w*

And on Friday there is a sleepover at my old classmate~ Even though there were some misunderstandings and problems about the night I still think it’s going to be fun~ Sadly am I not that excited as Svscon~ and I the pessimist can already see all the bad things which will happen~ xD or I can imagine them~ but somehow I am still looking forward to it!!

Svscon is soon~~ I AM DYING!! *ghsklghajvhadbvhdfbkjadhfæubjadhfnbjadhbladjbfhldf-nbadjbf* My mom bought my wig yesterday I really hope it will come in time ;w; Because I really want to be Chrome at Svscon~

Nothing in particular happened except I am stressing about exams and feel like I am much closer to the boys in my class~~ don’t know why don’t ask me! ><;

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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