Friday, 16 April 2010

» Environment week over

Hoho this is the cupcake I bought yesterday! ♥ ♥ ♥ I still don't know what to put inside~~ actually I only bought it because I thought of Desirée's small cute cupcakes TxT so I couldn't resist! Maybe I will put candy or stars inside.. I dunno~~ but I just think it was cute~~ 20 DKK in Tiger~ there is another model too a yellow one~~ but personally I think the pink/Purple is much cuter! ♥

And now the environment week is over! Kind of happy because it was boring but saad too! D: I am going to miss the no homework thing! D: School started at 1 pm! owo~ totally nexus!~~~ I even got time to search for a carpet and for the ingredients and recipes for my Lunch box tomorrow! ♥ ♥ Couldn't find the carpet TwT My cute Pig Carpet from Japan!! ♥ ♥ but I have a back up~~ my mom is not going to come tomorrow! So saaad but I am excited to meet all the others~~ Minna-chaaaan let's have a lot of Fuun! ^__^ ♥ ♥ I am going to empty the camera so I can take a lot of pictures~~ ♥ Still have the pictures from the year before last year~ have to take a lot~~ ♥ ♥ Hope everyone will come in Cosplay or J-fashion ♥ Will be perfect for my picture collection ♥

but back to topic.. now when the Environment week is over I have to do my homework! T0T totally boooring Dx I am totally in some Otakuu fliip have to read or Watch something @_@ or else I will just die slowly inside... Recently I have read a lot of Shoujo always end up crying! D: So I really really hope I still have enough time to do both homework AND Watch/Read Anime/manga.

Right now I am not reading any manga at all but my list is really looong! so no time for resting~~ The anime I am watching really closely right now is Gun X sword~ It keep remind me of other animes Like Chrono Crusade! Rosette searching for her brother Joshua.. A character from Gun X Sword is named that as well... and if that isn't enough it reminds me of Final Fantasy Unlimited too! the travel from town to town~ And Van somehow remind me of Kaze-sama! because he always do the same pose and say the same thing when he uses his attack/weapon.. Kaze using Magun and Van using the sword/Dann. but yeaaah I won't get caught! just watching it to the end.. Next Anime on the list is: Nabari no Ou something with King? hmm Like the boy main character!~~

That's for today Jaaanaa~~ みんなちゃんまたあしたね! ✿ 桜祭り ★

Mood: Excited~~
Listening to: Disney Channel TV xD;
Consuming: Strawberry Gum and popcon
Creativity: Nothing...
Addicted to: Anime~~ and CR
Doing: Watching Tv

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  1. Lii-chan the cupcake is so adorable!!!
    And I'm looking forward to tommorrow as well :3