Friday, 9 April 2010

» Happeh Birthday Mi-chaan

My brother must hate me.. I mean xD calling him Mi-chan.. it's just so girly.. xDD Mi-chan comes from Michiru/Michieru, Michael. ^^ Today is his Birthday! ^^ Happpeh B-day mi-chaaan~ but it's first tomorrow when we are going to celebrate the party, I will give him his present! ^^ I know he don't read my blog so I can write it here ne? or maybe I should just wait to tomorrow~~ and then I can write how he reacted~ X9

I don't think I ever wrote Happeh Easter on the blog~~ wrote to pretty many on CR xD but yeaah I still miss my easter holiday! D: Vent ouy shopping, watching movie, visited Desirée got visit from my childhood friend 'n stuff!~~ I am pretty saad that I didn't got the opportunity to see Line, Ida or zaa-chan~ Even though I talked with Line about it... I was too busy~~ pretty saad~ I would have loved to go on the Cosplay trip with her~ but I was at Desirée's Sister's xD searching for Easter eggs~ ♥ Still hasn't eaten all of it xD I think I will become fat if I do! > 3<;; Try to resist the delicious taste of Chocolate ~~

Starting in school after Easter vacation wasn't that baad~~ Maybe I was a bit tired... Didn't got enough Sleep though D: but I felt that I became closer to my Crush~~ I am begining to talk more to him~~ Which actually make me happeh~ We had cleaning duties together~ but never got an alone moment with him because of the teachers and his friends *siiigh* Which remind me of I AM ANGRY AT HIM RIGHT NOW! Today he just run away when I told him we had to clean up the class~~ T___T but in the end I didn't clean myself xD but the worst part is that he drew on the drawing I planned to give to Pernille~ Feeling totally like a dollmaster drawing the dolls xD I got a psycho/doll fliip in school today! I think it was because I had to draw or imagine how Rion should look like~~ so I draw a doll to Pernille and I eased all the ugly and weird drawing my crush drew at it xD I even ended up drawing a cheshire wannabe girl version thing owo; even gave it a tail after Anja told me it looked like it~~ smiling too much xDD but Next week we have environment week~~ About the climate and CO2~~ my group is the only one which has to visit DTU~~ maybe I will meet my cousins.. oonly maybe!

btw Rion is my OC on a new RPG Desirée just made~~ based on the Little Red Riding Hood/Little Red Cap Y'know the little girl with the red hood. Something about the live after the death and stuff~ and then a wolf which chose whereever you go after that heaven or hell. I actually began thinking on The lovely bone~ owo The LONELY bone.. xD About Susie dying and wandering around the world between heaven and earth~~

I actually Wanted to write a story~ using Rion and some other of my OC in a story based on real life~~ owo but didn't got the patience to start~~ so only thinking~
Stories in mind right now:
Realistic shoujo Love story
Harvest moon
The ability to rise from the dead
The lovely bone death story with Rion
私の夢世界 ☆
True seasons
Love written with blood + extra stories
Only a dream away
Varia Story [From a dream]
Mysterious Twins~ [Cliché? maybe a bit Arisa~]
Something Chocolate cosmos ♥
etc.. I am just too lazy to write~ maybe I will begin later XD writing blog is enough writing for me so far! xD

Mood: Mixed, Sleepy, Happeh, Sad and confused
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Consuming: Air [have to eat somethign soon]
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Addicted to: The Lovely bone[WTF?!], KWM and KHR ♥
Doing: Chatting, RPG and working on my evil plan! >D

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