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»Life so far ~

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sorry for not having blogged for 5 days.. that's not long -cough cough- so my lafe so far.. on these 5 days.. nothing much should have happened but you're WRONG there is so many things happening right now.. so let me start from the very beginning~

first of all I am begining to geeking a lot lately.. Yeah I geek all the time but I mean more than usually~~ xD first of all I have finished 3 animees.. The first one is:

Angel Beats

It's about this world, the world for people who is dead. It's shortly about the life after dead but something isn't right, there is this Angel, and thoose NPCs(none playing characters) and what does that mean? It is all just a game or something? This boy Otonashi comes to this world without remebering anything from his life before, he meets Yuri who is the leader of an organization which want to defeat the Angel which she believes is controlled and made by GOD. The Angel removes people who just follow the rules in this world, but Yuri won't be removed so she and the organization make operations which is against the rules to make sure they won't disappear. Otonashi ends up joining and they slowly figure out something is wrong, not just with the way of living in this world but with the Angel too. A battle begins The unknown against The organization. But in this world you can't die, you will only feel the pain after the hit/shoot/attack etc. and there after faint, after some time you will be back to normal and everything is as it was before. so Otonashi, Yuri and the others go on adventure and slowly figure out how this world is build, the secrets and how everything works.

Other: produced/made by: Key~ [Clannad, Kanon, Air]
Ranking: ★★★★☆
Type: Anime
Episodes: 13
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen, Tragedy
Links: [Info] [Anime]
Favourite: Kanade, Hinata, Shiina, Yuri, Otonashi, Naoi

I will Recommended it if you like Key!~~ and It have a sad but still cute ending.. xD Sry for spoiling T____T; but I won't say what is happen so it's okay right?

B Gata H Kei

It's about this girl yamada who is really popular at school and is really pretty no she isn't but she has a bad interest.. she is a SEX FREAK... she wants to have 100 Sex buddies.. ^^;; but she is still virgin.. xD she wants her first time to be with a virgin boy so if she fails he won't notice because it's his first time too. In a bookstore she meets a boy who looks really uncool no he doesn't and she ask him directly 'are you a virgin?' counting on his reaction she can tell he is. She just started high school and firgure out that the boy from the store is in her class. She gets his name 'kosuda' and they slowly begins to know each other better. but because of Yamada's proudness she can't be seen with an uncool guy like Kosuda, they both end up with library duty and Yamada keep trying giving Kosuda hint about she wants to fuck him but he just doesn't get it. But after some effort they begin to speak the same language.. but different persons keep interrupting.

After that is said is it totally Cliché but pretty funny~~ I won't say it's the best anime ever but it's not that bad except for the fact that the mangaka have to learn what is pretty and what is not.. =W=; Yamada is NOT pretty.. she is average

Ranking: ★★☆☆☆
Type: Anime
Episodes: 12
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School Life, Seinen
Links: [Info] [Anime]
Favourite: Chika, Kosuda's Sex god, Takeshita, Keiichi

Sora no Otoshimono

The plot revolves around a boy in the town of Sorami named Tomoki Sakurai, who is one day invited by his childhood friend Sohara Mitsuki and Eishiro Sugata (the leader of "The New Continent" discovery club) to come at midnight to witness a strange object seen crossing through their town's sky. Tomoki goes alone and as the strange object comes close, Sugata calls to warn him to get away from it. What falls from the sky is a creature named Ikaros, an "Angeloid". Ikaros imprints on Tomoki after he rescues her from being destroyed by falling debris. She introduces herself as a "Pet-Class" Angeloid and offers to fulfill any wishes Tomoki may have. In time, she begins to pick up human characteristics from her involvement with Tomoki and more of her past is revealed. We soon discover that Ikaros has left "the Heavens" in disarray, and various Angeloids are sent to retrieve her.

Ranking: ★★★★☆
Type: Anime and Manga [ongoing]
Ep/Chap: 13 ep. and 40 chap [ongoing]
Genre: comedy, fantasy, romance, ecchi, Harem, School, Shounen
Links: [Info] [Anime] [Manga]
Favourite: Ikaros, Sugata, Mikako, Tomo-chan, Chaos

Aaaaaand No I started reading One piece again! Don't ask me why I stopped I just did.. -evil glance on the library.. =W=- So full power forward.. sounds better in Danish LOL! xD but i have read 100+ chapter each day.. Or Today I lagged.. Haven't read any.. So I hope to catch up to the latest soon... not to mention I want to read: Shaman king again too, Naruto, death note and Fruits basket.. I somehow stopped which I regret.. death note and Fruits basket shouldn't take long but I'm sure Shaman king and Naruto will @w@ I want to re-watch Durarara too.. Hmm one step at the time XD

I was together with a girl from my old class she changed school so I rarely see her~~ We went out shopping.. even though I didn't buy anything except some water~ We were searching for a Bikini to her.. She is going to Italy! D: I want too! but yeah we had fun eating ice cream, walking around town talking about old days and about the new which have to come... se says she is coming to J-popcon her first con but only because of her boyfriend.. Thanks.. so i'm not good enoough? xD JK JK.. I hope she will realize that J-popcon is not that good as she thinks.. but yeaah I will let her see it for herself~

My grand cousin's girlfriend finished her education so I went to celebrate with her~~ Yaaay for barbecue~~ my mother went to China without me so I'm pretty lonely with my Brother.. but I don't miss her at all.. maybe is it because my dad is here to take care for us once in a while~~ xD or maybe because I'm geeking so much that I forgot her.. xD and without her less rules YESH YESH! I'm Happy! xD but she will be back July 8th. So not that much time again... xD

My aunt from China is comin to Denmark too so I went to the airport to welcome her~~ and the day after that we went out swimming~~ xD Yaaay.. even though it was for a short time period because they had to go to my grandcousin's school to see what he is doing.. After that we went to my Grand cousin's girlfriend's parents to eat dinner~~ It tasted sooo goood.. I became so fat! >___> The whole next day I didn't eat anything at all.. I was together with my friend some days after and she told me that it wouldn't help at all.. xD which remind me of my friend and me meet my grand cousin after I talked about how brown he has become.. xD Really I look like a ghost beside him and i'm not that pale at ALL!~ We were just walking around the street having fun not much to say there~~ xD

Waaa waa waa Just enjoying my holiday to the EXTREME no wonder if I'm going to be fat after... I'm lazy all day sitting infront of the computer and eating Ice creaaam xD Exercise Here I come -coughDancingstagecough- ^^

リ ー ナ ★ O U T


  1. You're so good at finishing animes. I start them and never look back cause they start to bore me!

    B Gata H Kei sounds like my kind off stuff. Might give it a chance one of these days! Its not like i dont have more then enough time on my hands ;P

    Read a lot of One piece! Its super cool<3

    I know the feeling of enjoyment form being without parents once i a while. So nice and so much fun! Hopefully she'll bring back a gift for you! :D

    Glad to hear you're doing good<3 and ice creeeam <3

  2. I reeeeally want to watch Angel Beats!! thank you for putting the link up!