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»Childhood memories

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NOTE: I KNOW! It's my third entry today, but I use this blog as a Diary so I write as much as I like in the language I like.. actually this blog is not reading stuff for others it's more like writing down thought and memories I keep inside~~ It's not one of those LOOK FASHION or to tell other people about my life, but I am happy if anyone want to read it and comment ^^ It gives me a feeling of there is people who actually care to read. but I know some of my entries are long and boring without any pictures.. In the future I will try to do something about that~~ and I will even take time changing the Top picture

Time is now: 01:21 am.. and I just felt like finishing the entry..

I am Asian, or to be more exact Chinese, and I grew up in a little town with a lot of love C: okay screw that..
I grew up with Chinese culture and when I found this on deviantart first I was amazed by the beautiful and amazing illustrations. I really couldn't believe my eyes, that someone could draw so amazing.. I really got caught by just one glance.
So already from the very beginning I loved it. And then after reading only the two first pages, I began to cry. Call me a wimp or whatever I know.. and I believe that if you read the two first pages you might think, "Why did she cry?" and I will tell you, because of this Lyric:

Little swallow
wearing a flower coat
flies here every spring

I ask the swallow
why do you come?
The swallow replies
The Spring here
is the most

It's from a Chinese song, and my favourite Chinese singer sang it[not original singer]. It was my favourite Chinese song and my mother used to sing it for me and translate it word for word and tell me stories about the swallow. Just after I read the first 2 lines my brain went just like: I know this song, I used to listen to it when I was smaller. and through the whole story I kept singing the part again and again, from beginning to end. Like it was on repeat... I really wanted to listen to it, but because I am at my fathers house I couldn't go get the cd and play it.. and because my Chinese sucks I couldn't find it on Youtube.. + my chinese keyboard is broken.. maybe I will post it later~~ I am so much going to hear it and take all my old childhood stuff out again when I come home.. [actually am I going to clean my room anyway so.. yeah~~ way to go] but I also got touched by the story. It is the truth that in Beijing people say the sun never shines and the Stars never come because of the smoke. Happily for me, my family does not live in Beijing so when I am in China I can see stars and the sun Shines~~ but I will totally go on reading it! oh.. I didn't tell it was a webcomic did I? but it is a webcomic by Yuumei on dA. I wont say anymore.. I just recommend you to read the comic. Pictures are taken from Deviantart.. *Feel like a art thief.. >u<*

Chapter one               Chapter two

Another thing I found on Yuumei's profile was this oneshot comic 1000 words:

also when I read this one I began crying.. If you clicked on the This in the top at Listening to. Then you should know a little about it. Because the melody is a melody made to the story. To be honest I would like to know if there is any method to download it... =U= because I think it's über noble and I like to listen to is. It makes me sad yes, but somehow it makes me happy too.
The story is about a girl, who want to draw because of her parents divorce or something like that. Too tired to give a review. Just read it yourself.. it's really cute! <3 but my parents are divorced too, it was not the reason why I wanted to draw, but I also meet a person[a Teacher] who I asked for help to learn to draw. I was like the girl. Wanted to draw something speciel close to my heart. but because I am such a stubborn girl I gave up easily, but somehow reading this comic really gave me the urge to want to be better at drawing and do my best. Also because I often have a lot of drawing ideas but usually I can't make them into reality because I am never satisfied with my work. but Yuumei really inspired me and watching her work really fired me up, and I will keep trying to draw to become a better artist!

Zelda has also inspired me a lot and i love her art especielly her webcomic Myth It's about greek mythology. I LOVE greek mythology, it's so exciting and different from other history-like stuff. North mythology bores me.. hmm so I think Myth is really Original and amazing~~ and I would really like to buy the books if it wasn't because of my mom... Zelda's other webcomic something flower is also good~~ I think you can find it on her dA~~ to lazy to go find and post it..

so Childhood memories turned out to be drawing idols which turned into Fandom.. LOL.. too much fangirl inside of me huh? now listening to: The same melody~~ It's really cute if anyone knows how I can download it please tell me~~

Last note: I AM GOING TO MAKE A NEW WEBSITE/GROUP/CLUB so please look forward to it.. LOL

リ ー ナ ★ O U T


  1. Wow such a looong post xD
    But the song is really nice!! I really like it :3

  2. Lol if you loooked at my last school day post... you would think of this as nothing.. it's much longer!!