Monday, 21 June 2010

»Summer with friends ☀

Mood: Happeh
Listening to: 5 Centimeters per seconds
Drinking: nothing
Eating: nothing
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Watching: 5 centimeters per seconds
Addicted to: Durarara
Doing: going to sleep soon

Today I went to meet with Tea, Mawj, Line, Emma, bremmer and Sofie~~ We first met at the little mermaid which isn't there lol Mawj and Sofie was coming later. Out of all places we met there was because Tea hat to buy a present to some kind of wedding or something and the gift should be a little mermaid figure. we sat by the sea talking and enjoying the warmth, even though I thought I would die of heat.. T_T wearing black colours just made me BURN..

Later we meet with Mawj~~ and went to town Yaaay for shopping~ I had to buy a present for a girl from my class.. she is celebrating her B-day tomorrow~~ We went to a lot of cafés~~ but actually we found a music shore really fast. TD Music or something..

Walking around town buying stuff like a lot of cupcakes and ice creams~~ Being FAT omnomnomnomnom~~ But on our Way home we meet an AWESOME uhm.. thingie? xD person maybe? Me, Tea and Line The Asians playing tourist and made Sofie take a picture.. xD here it is:

first thought of the headless person, which turned out to be a woman! O0O I have never guessed that.. but the first thought was: CELTY! she is not black and a biker but headless.. xD I was freaking a bit with Mawj.. xD LOL we were just like: OMG YES RIGHT? SHE IS LIKE CELTY RIGHT? AND HER VOICE TOO! Faaaangirling~~~~ her voice was so nice and kind~~ she didn't speak Danish though.. or I don't know she only said Thank you ^^;

And now is she waving~~ xDDD LOL I think she is awesome~~

Ranking: ★★★☆☆
Type: Movie
Genre: Romance

Later after that I went to the cinema with Natacha my movie Buddy~~ We Saw Dear John.. It was really melancholic.. T_T I didn't liked the war thing.. but the ending was Okaay I guess.. I recommend it for people who wants to cry and want to be angry on someone.. [I got angry on the girl =W=;; stupid girl...] Hmm what else to say? =W=;;

when I got home I watched 5 centimeters per seconds.. The end.. >___>; i'm being lazy blogging lately huh...

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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