Saturday, 12 June 2010

» Crossover Anime intros ☆

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When I logged on Msn today My Mukuro-sama ♥'s PM was this video:

A Crossover between Ouran and KHR~~ xD I think it's amazing!! I LOVE IT! ♥ especially because it is 6927 xD ♥ *fangirling~~* but there was a period where the only videos I watched was crossovers with KHR~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ and of course there were some Related videos~~ and I found some new and some old OOOH MEMORIES! ♥ xD

The first one was:

TEEN TITANS! xD Cute Chibis~~ I regret the fact that I never finished Teeen Titans! D< so maybe someday I will~

This one reminded me of DRRR because of Dokuro-chan is ALWAYS mentioned in the anime LOL xD

even though I can NEVER believe in Chrome doing such stuff against Mukuro-sama!! xDD ♥ but I still find it somehow cute! xD

Code geass is PWNSOME! and one of my favourite Animes and Favourite NDS game~~ and of course I LOVE LOVE LOVE 6996 ♥ so this video was just love~ ♥

I watched this one in Naruto version too and I have the song from long time ago! XD I found it really cute! >U< ♥ especielly Viper/mammon and Fraan~¨ xD there are some Weird pictures too but the Arcobanelo and Varia - LEvi is soo cute! xD ♥

I found one with my Favourite Otome game too~~ Heart no Kuni no Alice but since it's almost only clips I didn't feel like posting it... >U< if you still want to watch it go here: HnKnA X KHR Opening


TORADORA LOVE LOVE LOVE ♪ The wonderful song and with KHR images is it just a wonderful damn Amazing video! *W*

Last video~~ DANJOU!~~ Onna, Otoko, Otoko, Otoko, Onna, onna Otoko, onna!~~
Boy or Girl... Pooor Hibari-sensei can't figure it out! xD

Last comment: Wanna go crazy? xDD then watch these videos again and again and again xD
[x] [x] [YamamototheGenius] [x]

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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