Thursday, 3 June 2010

☀ New Layout

Listening to: Uhm.. nothing?
Consuming: Nothing
Reading: Heartevents <3
Watching: Nothing
Addicted to: Graphic but my skills.... -siigh-
Doing: talking to myself... I am gone INSANE.. INSANE I TELL YOU! :V

MUHAHAHAHAHA I have a new layout in thought.. actually I already made it.. ´I got it accepted by Desirée-chaan so when I get time.. maybe after my exams or so, then I will put it up LOL!~ Not that I don't like looking at Belphegor[KHR] but because I am a GTX maker I just have to make some GTX once in a while.. and because I haven't been able to do so, my skills are hmm dying..? or not as good as they used to be __ __ I am failish... OTZ *shoot*

which remind me of I have to make a layout for Zaa-chan too ;U; and Sa-chan asked me too so Training *0* I haven't updated my website for years so my HTML skills are gone too.. or not totally.. It have to be refreshed.. and blogspot's HTML is not HTML... bur XHTML.. Which I can't figure out... I want two menus.. __ __ SAKU TELL ME HOW YOU DID.. Oh Well..

I am going to have HTML in school after summer holiday, so refreshing it will be totally a good idea!~~ not to mention I have to refresh my Japanese too and my texts for the upcoming Exams.. Which are tomorrow.. so WTF am I not in bed yet and sleep well so I can get up tomorrow and take my Danish exam?.. Hmm

I really dunno, and the fact that I am talking to myself may mean that I am tired.. even though I already slept a bit today.. ;U;

but but.. DURARARA SPOILERS ARE SO SO!!!! Y____Y EXCITING!.. I already spoiled the whole story so far.. not the anime but the light novel.. but yeaah.. I would spoil KHR too but I don't think it's possible! _ _ okay I can't even spell.. I am going to sleep now before I get too mad C:

so night people~~

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

before she gets mad! REALLY MAD I TELL YOU! 8DDD

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