Friday, 4 June 2010

☀ Summer has come Layout

Mood: Summer Summer and I LOVE SUMMER
Listening to: Hot air balloon - Own city
Drinking: Mild Multi Juice
Eating: Nothing
Reading: Nothing
Watching: Durarara episode 22 Raw
Addicted to: SUMMER HOLIDAY!~~
Doing: Making a lot of GTX~~

New Design is up~~ :3 to be honest am I not too happy about it.. but in the end I think It turned out well~~ I love Shelty~~ Durarara Pairing FTW~~ hmm what is next thing coming up?.. Tanabata maybe? xD hmm but yeaah what do you guys think? ^^

I would appreciate if you please tell me what I can do better next time~~ As a GTX maker I want to be better by criticism~~ I actually tired something new~~ Instead of Text link menu I made buttoms this time~~ ^^b I wish everyone a Lovely summer holiday~~

and Old layouts? Find them here:

リ ー ナ ★ O U T


  1. Jeg har ingen erfarnig med det men jeg synes det er flot <3

  2. I love it. ^3^)b
    Please make one for me sometime!! <33 'cuz I've begun blogging again~ and from now on I'll spam your entries with comments >0< Eeeh... And why am I even writing this on english? Guh... I dunno.

    A nice summer holiday to you too, darling! <33 Oh ho ho ho.