Friday, 25 June 2010

»Sweet 16 + dimension + Drama ☆

Mood: Saaad
Listening to: A Good day - Amy diamond
Drinking: orange juice
Eating: nothing
Reading: Durarara Light novel
Watching: Kaichou wa maid-sama
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Doing: watching Kaichou wa maid-sama + drawing my DRRR chain

So Yesterday was my Birthday~~ I was so happy~~ the day was super amazing~ and because I had to go to dimension later I wouldn't sit home the whole day so I contacted Yugi and Mawj and asked them if they wanted to go to Cosplay picnic with me~~ We had a lot of fun at the central railway station. First of all me and Yugi were standing away from the others talking.. we looked like some outsiders from the main group, which we actually found a lot of fun xD late mawj joined us~~ and the three of us walked toward the others... still standing with some distance.. being outsiders ♥ Jk.. We began talking about Shinee~~ Lovelylovely random K-pop banc~~ ♥ about Line which Yugi and Mawj knew~~ @w@ Surprise! but Yeah then we walked to our first stop: Sachie~ on the way we stopped because Yugi and me wanted ice cream.. DAMN TAKE ICE _ _; but yeah a three ball ice cream with soft ice and cream puff xD I'm feeling really fat.. but I took Lemon, mojito(lime) and Watermelon~ with watermelon Soft ice Omnomnomnom ♥ When we got back with our Watermelon Paradise(by: Yugi xD) we Meet Ariellah~ ♥ and she gave me a present T_T I was so happy~~ She got me a necklace ♥ So pretty~ My mother took the camera with her to China so No pictures before she comes home T_T; Desirée gave me a present too ♥ a Totally cute cute cute top with a ribbon~ So after we meet Ari went continued our walk to Sachie where people bought like 3-4 bottles of Ramune, melon soda and other kind of drinks.. i was chocked.. @w@.. Uh Uh Uh not to mention there was a Yamamoto cosplayer too.. >0< Me and Mawj went in totally Fangirl mode~~ I took a picture of him too LOL~ Looked like mawj have stalked him before lol xD After Sachie we went to 'The king's Garden' [Kongens have~] I had brought some Really small carpets~ Yellow ones with pigs~ I got them from the time I was in Japan Sakura time~~ ♥ There we were playing cardcame asshole Sabine joined us later or we got to saay hii and hug~~ xD After that I went home~ Dimension here I come~

So wheen I come home it was already pretty late =W=;; so I stressed with curling my hair, putting Make-up on, fake lashes and everything.. but the worst part was that my mom wasn't home.. I paniced.. but we found out I was too early _ _; damn stressnes...
My homeroom teacher made a speech and I swear I was almost crying.. -coughcough..-

After that we ate something my brother would call bunny food.. xD LOL Too much salad after his opinion~ but yeaah we sat outside and ate 'bunny food' and meatballs Om nom nom nom.. the salad tasted bad X____O;; LOL.. but because of our baaad last school day we held a Dimension Party so After I ate Natacha and me went to her home and dressed up~ Fake lashes FTW ♥ but mine failed.. =W=; So I ended up taking them off.. I was so Emo.. I felt so ugly without them.., because with them I looked like a cute little doll..
But the whole time I was waiting for a certain person.. almost everyone went home after dimension to change or to bring their Alcohol to the party~ to be honest I didn't buy any. I don't like it anyway.. It tastes awful.. but our class money bought some so I just drank that~~ Hoho.. FAILISH OTZ...

Later I stole Anton's Sunglasses.. yeah at night I know.. but it was so much fuuun xD He laid his arm around me to try taking them back.. but I'm a bit taller than him so He had problem doing it xD Yeah I'm such a meanie.. if it wasn't because that was the reason it could be a bit romantic ne? ♥ Or am I just dreaming too much, living in my own world.. ♥
I ended up drinking some alcohol enough to make my head hurt.. but I was totally sober.. 3 minutes later I was totally cured.. Drinking is no fun really.. Booooring it's totally like drinking Soda.. bu yeaah..
Caroline got Drunk pretty easy so she began calling Alexander all the time.. =W=;; -coughIdon'tlikehimcough- I don't know him.. but I always hear bad annoying fact/things about him.. but so today I got to meet him.. my first thought was: OMG.. Ô__o; He was just as I Imagined.. I'm so mean I know.. but really.. but he is going to be in my class and I already dislike him.. and I think he dislike me too.. so we are even.. but Caroline did not want to go back so I sat there with her, Natacha and Anja for 2 minutes, but me and Anja gave up and went back.. when Natacha came back without Caroline I became a bit worried.. She doesn't think when she is drunk @w@ so I dragged Emil with me get her back also because I thought that Emil looked like Alex so he wanted to see if they really looked like each other.. after they met I was voted down.. and I could actually see that they didn't look like each other.. Emil is so much more AWESOME.. xD LOL.. but Alex have a good taste in books Artemis fowl ♥ But I had a lot of Fun talking to Emil when he was drunk: We talked Naruto Yay... NOT.. Or actually when I talked with Emil it was fun but when I talk to uhm.. yeah N00bs.. It's just to annoying.. everyone should have a chance to start but please work harder T_T;; but I slept at Natacha's because she lives so close by~~ Hohoho We were so tired LOL ♥ sleeping at 4-5 O'clock! ♥

When I got home Today.. I checked my Facebook It said: 90+ new messages.. not to mention my E-mail ♥ They all said Happy birthday!... ♥ T_T I was so happy.. ♥ ♥ ♥ I love you all~~ but of course there was some messages which were so much more lovely and made me more happy~~ because they were longer and not just a Happy Birthday.. Thaaank you Everyone I luuuv ya! ♥ ♥

And then when I logged on Msn a drama started... -saves logfiles- Something with misunderstandings and exaggerating.. I HATE DRAMA'S T_T I only like those on movies which isn't real... But the one blaming me for smoething I didn't do, the other exaggerating so the third got hurt so the third hurt me and yeaah Drama.. I think I will go to my Emo corner.. ♥

Sadly there was no midsummer fire for me.. because my family don't celebrate midsummer eve but my Birthday is on midsummer Day we might celebrate midsummer eve a bit.. but only because of my birthday~~ Happy Midsummer everyone.. if anyone says that...

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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