Wednesday, 2 June 2010

»Physics Exam

Mood: joooy
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Addicted to: DRRR Ikebukuro chatroom
Doing: making a new blog layout..

yeasterday I went to physics exams.. I got top grade~~ A++? or is it only A+? in Denmark it was 12~~ I was totally Happy, I was so nervous to begin with.. but it turned out pretty well~~ next time is it Danish.. I am so nervous... feel like I am goin got faint >0<''' but I just have to study a lot~~ Hmm...

Desirée has made a new site~~~ ♥ Can't waait to see it done~¨ I got my own Bel-gucchi~ ^^ so cute!! >//> ♥

new Design~¨ __ __ I will try not to fail it..

my shortest entry so far hmm? xD

リ ー ナ ★ O U T


  1. OMG hvor er du god Lii-chan! ;W; TILLYKKE med 12-talllet! ;w; you're awesome! And good uck with the danish! ^o^/