Wednesday, 16 June 2010

»No more school.... + JE meet up

Mood: Sad making..
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Today I woke up and I was in chock. I have known this for a while now but I first really Realized it when I woke up after my dream today. It'll be the last time I go to school on the 24th. Last time EVER. The last school day with caramels and shaving cream I was so happeh that it was all over, but now I actually realize that I am going to miss SOME of my teachers... but only some of them.. to be honest I think I am going to cry on the day... It will be sad I will miss you tears and Happy a new beginning tears..

My dream was short about: Our dimension. Where we graduate from middle school to high school~~ I was sitting with some girls from my class and some from my parallel class. We were talking and laughing.. I can't remember what we talked about somthing with Sex and the City I guess... I think the story is kinda boring Sry.. _ _ but to be honest after I watched some episodes with my mom (don't know why but she likes it... ) I found it kinda fun.. I might concidering watched the whole serie.. LOL.. but yeaah out uhm.. is it called home room teacher/class teacher?.. but the teacher who has the biggest responsibility for us was sitting next to us. I think he is an Awesome teacher and might be gay.. but I don't mind at all. He is sweet, kind, helpful and understanding. Since I started on my school later than the others he has always helped me with the bullies, problems in school and even with some problems I had at Home! I would say I love him.. but that might sound a bit gross?... but He is my overall favourite teacher ever! I am going to miss him so much.. He knows me so well and understand me. I actually remember him crying in my dream and after everyone left the uhmm hall/stage or something I remember myself standing alone, crying.. I didn't wanted it to end. Or I didn't wanted to have some new STUPID teachers.. and I almost began crying IRL after I woke up LOL.. but to be honest at the 24th I don't think I will start crying~~ I will graduate with a smile~~ ^^b

Okaaaay Sadness over now JE meet up~~~
I am not a JE fan, but I have been invited to 2 JE meet ups now.. LOL.. I think it's because I know people~~ I am very open-minded(or open and open-minded.. I don't have problems talking to strangers.. You stalker Lina LOL..) and Social.. so Yeah xD I couldn't go to thefirst one because I didn't had any money and because it was faaaar away.. xDD but the next JE Meet up is at the 19th in Tivoli.. and LOL I remember a friend from Odense (Trine~~) telling me to come even though I wasn't fan because she was coming too.. and LOL that daay am I in Odense~~~ x'D so when she finally come to copenhagen am I in Odense~~ Aww Sorrry Trine~~ xD ♥

So yeaaaah Tomorrow am I going to Odense~~ ^^b I am going to visit my BFF Desirée~~ and I am staying to Sunday~~ and I am going with her to school LOL~~ it's going to be damn funny!~~ xDDD *have summer holiday so don't remember how it is to go to school* I have become lazy DAMN HOLIDAY! >U> See what you have done to me _ _ and I have become fat! _ _ no more ice cream to me... even though it getting hotter and Ice cream is GOD's gift to human race.. I have to take a break..

リ ー ナ ★ O U T


  1. Just enjoy your last day honey!

    Whats a JE meeting D:? And have fun in Odense!!

  2. Awww Thaaaanks~~ ^^b

    Johnny's Meet up, meet up for Johnny's entertainment fans~~

  3. Oh my god, I want to join the JE meet up xD I'm not really a big fan either, but it sounds like so much fun!!
    And I'm graduating the 26th!!! it's crazy o.o have my last exam tuesday!!

    And here's the DL link for the magazine~

    I have so many, so if you want more tell me sweetie!!

  4. oh, and when do you have time to make me a new blog design????? :D
    I'm sorry for asking this all the time -.- But I just LOVE your designs :3
    oh and do you still want to make one? xD haha.. I'll send pictures and info when you answer me <3

  5. that's fine ^^ I'm happy you still want to make me one :3

    I'll send an email soon then ^^