Sunday, 20 June 2010

»Weekend at Desirée's ♥

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So I arrived thursday, June 17th. we had a lot of fun, talking, walking, playing computer and stuff~~ really enjoying ourselves.. we went to bed early because on friday we were supposed to go to Desirée's School~~ HUR HUR HUR HUR!
So When we arrived to the school I was just like; WOAH o0o So small~~ I am used to be on my MEGA GIGANTIC School~~~ but I found the school pretty cute LOL especially the playground with swings.. my school don't have those.. TuT but yeaah it was so weird going to school again.. I had vacation uhm.. the 11th I think? so I am used to wake up late. being lazy lolz..

we went inside and wow no girls.. Desirée you're amazing going in a class with only boys~ The boys didn't say much.. and the teacher told us to do whatever we wanted *0* Cooomputer time~~ ♥ let us just say we geeked a loot~~ xD in the break I got to meet Bati and Frederik~~ They are nice people~~ ^^ btw I removed = 3= Bati's face because I didn't knew iif it was Okay for me to post it on my blog~ I should have put a black box wiriting CENSOR or something LOL x'D How meaaan... we had a lot of fun HUR HUR HUR~~ then when school was finished we went to uhm if I remember right? The town~~ visiting Desirée's sister café~~ OM NOM NOM NOM Lime pie~ ♥ ♥
but it was so embarassing.. I pulled the tablecloth and wooops my soda pop was all over me and on the floor. Luckily was it only on my skirt and leggings and we went to the toilet to clean it.. I'm such a clumsy one~~ TuT; but then we walked around in town~~ looking in the shops.. but ended with buying nothing~ When we returned to the café, Desirée's parents were there already and told us to go to the second-hand shop while they were eating lunch~~ in there we found some really cute and pretty things~~ Desirée bought a little 'drink me'-bottle to Alice and a tea cup~ and I bought to bottles which I am going to make into lucky items~~ I will post a picture later when I'm done~~ ♥

We also went to the other second-hand shop near Desirée's house~~ we found nothing though so we bought candy in Nette~~ xD LOL They have Mikado ♥ DRRR~~ HURHURHURHUR ♥ When we returned home were we talking about making a chatroom~~ it's been so long since last time~ ^^ we came up with a lot of random funny ideas but some of them are harder to make than others.. so I think we are making them slooow~~ actually am I a bit angry about having so many OCS.. I have to figure out which i use and which is useless.. =0=;; especielly because I might concidering redrawing my DRRR Chain~~ ♥

Saturday~~ we went to the rosengårdscenteret?.. uhm.. it was raining sooo much~~ *U* but we ate strawberry cake/pie~~ So oishi~~

and 2 seconds later after omnomnomnomnomnomnom ♥

Goooone~~ Muahahaha... and after that we went out shopping~~ I bought 2 cloth.. and Desirée bought me a beautiful present for my B-day on Thursday!~~ hohoho I can't wait to open it.. LOL ♥

when we got home we saaaaw DAH DAH DAH DAAAH:

Rain man~~ If I remember the order right~~ xD It's a goood moooovie I finally saaw it YEAAH~~ ♥ people all about me are talking about it so I was YEAAAH I FINALLY SAW IT!! Raymond is so cute xD not hot, beautiful cute but the personality like he says when there is danger: Oh Oh~~ xDD ♥ Liek a little kid... xD

Hmm~~ We also went for a lot of walks in sunny, rain and cloudy weathers~~ IT sure was sooo much fuuun YAY ♥ Can't waaait to see her again~~ ^^ Hopefully again in the summer holiday~~

Short ending.. became lazy.. I'm 2 two days behind in my blogging schedule~

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

☆ ☀ ♥ ♪ ☂ ✎ ✿ ☾ ۩ ✖ » ~

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