Saturday, 12 June 2010

» Embarassing Tag

Mood: Sun is shining <3
Listening to: Dango Daikazoku - Chata
Drinking: orange Juice
Eating: Egg and Bacon
Reading: RPG entries
Watching: Crossover anime intros
Addicted to: ...
Doing: RPG

I got tagged by

What is your name?
Agentmanga! OWO; okay maybe not.. Lina *Lastnamehere*

How old are you?
15 turning 16 the 24 June~ .3 Sooon <3

What is your gender?
Male with a fe infront~~ ^___^

What is your natural hair color?
Used to be black but the damn SUN made it Brown _ _;

What is your natural eye color?
RED! >D Contacts really help covering!~~ okay brown -shoot-

How tall are you?
165 cm... or maybe 168..

Are you comfortable answering some more private questions?
Sure sure just ask! 83

What is your sexual orientation?
Hetero~~? 83

Are you a virgin?

Have you ever had plastic surgery?
Nope~~ 83

Do you feel awkward?
Nope! :3

Have you ever kissed in public?
Only Family.. :3

For how long? And what was it like?
Uhm? *cough*

Hugged in public?
Yeaaah isn't that normal?.. Baka Questions >U<

For how long? And what was it like?
Warm and gentle.. so cold when it's snowing @w@;

Had sex in public?
which part of VIRGIN do not understand? =W=

I really are going to SHOOT you soon -____O;

How awkward do you feel now?
Not at all... ? o__o;

Ready for this question?
Which Question? o.o

Have you had sex with somebody of the same gender?

How many times?
I am not going to answer that Question..

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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