Tuesday, 22 June 2010

»Happeh B-day Anja~

Mood: sleppy
Listening to: Things I'll never say - Avril lavigne
Drinking: Pineapple juice
Eating: Nothing
Reading: Chatlogs~
Watching: The girl who leapt through time
Addicted to: Drawings
Doing: Chatting on ID, SH and msn~~

so today I were at Anja's Birthday party~~ It was so Hot that I could die~~ we ate brunch together and drank Strawberry milkshake~~ Sitting in the sun the whole day~ talking, chatting and reading magazines~~ The only one who couldn't come was Anita~~ pretty sad~~ but I think she will be able to come to mine~~ ^^

I also finished watching the girl who leapt through time~~ SO LOVELY I cried but I'm pretty angry at the ending.. really =W=;; but I love love love the music~ downloaded it already such a geek huh? xD Oh..

I'm pretty tired~~ and Time waits for no one~~ so goodnight, another short entry~~

リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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  1. Nice to see you had fun! Always great to celebrate the ones you love! And strawberry milkshakes sounds great >w<

    I think i might have to watch it then!