Thursday, 10 June 2010

»Exams over + FMA finished + NEW KHR CHAPTER

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Listening to: Koe wo Kikasete - Big bang
Drinking: Topform
Eating: Sour cream and onion Chips ♥
[I'm going to be fat! D:]
Reading: Kuroshitsuji
Watching: Durarara episode 22..
Addicted to: Pupe! I want the new items! ★
Doing: concidering to make a new layout just because you can have two menus now! ♥ ♥ ♥

So today... my LAST EXAM IS OVER!!! *U* it was the social studies exam I got 12~~ Top mark~~ All my exams went to well~~ or my writing exams didn't but I still hope it's okaaay! ;U; but this means I have holiday today!~~ beloved summer holiday~~ I am going to RELAX TO THE EXTEME! ^__^ and clean my room and the house before my aunt come.. _ _ *siiigh* there is an opportunity for me going to be a babysitter for my little cousin~~ she is so spoiled >U< I hope she is better now than last time I went to China.. but hope hope!~~ nothing more to say about that, unless I wish everyone a Happeh Summer holiday!~~

and I ended the FMA manga~~ LAST CHAPTER IS OUT! T___T READ IT HERE I would post pictures but the chance for Spoilers is too biig >U< So I will just let people read it themselves!! >< I was so happeh for the ending!~~ and I wish there was one last chapter for make the final Touch! but Karina and me were so happy... maybe I will concidering watching the anime too~~

THE NEW KHR CHAPTER IS LOVE!!! I don't dare to write more.. Don't want to spoil too much! but SHIMON IS LOVE!! AND OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG YAMAMOTO-KUUUN and TSUUU-KUUUN!!!!! Please read it yourself~~... Here is a link

All for now... FAILISH OTZ nerding too much pupe.. I WANT RAINY ITEMS!!
リ ー ナ ★ O U T

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