Wednesday, 3 March 2010

☂ Dorama 『Ver. 01』

Todays Drama is~

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Do I need to say I'm too lazy to go too much in details ;A; I'm Tired!!
BUT Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi henge is the Live action of Wallflower/Perfect girl revolution/Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi henge. ^^ Most known as the two first names. The serie is both a manga and an Anime~ I might tell about it someday in the Otaku corner ^^; to lazy to write now ;A; gomen ne!~

but short; the story is about Nakara Sunako who is a hikikimori she is scared of 'bright creatures' and likes horror movies, skulls and other scary things. You know if she thinks you are too bright for her.. because She'll shout MABOSHII and hide from you. Sunako's aunt is rich and own a boarding house, and in the boarding house there live 4 ikemens(Handsome guys). The Landlady(Sunako's aunt) tell the 4 boys to turn Sunako into a real Yamato Nadeshiko(Perfect girl/lady) and if they can do that, she will remove their debt until they graduate. and then the story begins~ Why Sunako became a hikikimori? Just go watch the serie yourself! ^__^

I still can't believe that my friends thought I ever would be like Sunako... I'm mean.. I HATE SCARY THINGS ;A; I'm a little girl who get nightmare of cartoons.. or some cartoons.. TT^TT I think it's because it so easy to make me believe in stuff and then I'm just believing it until someone tell it's a lie.. Forexample I believe in the uglies-serie I read once.. I'll write about it some day in the Library Categori~ ^__^; Maybe in this weekend! And when then thought I would be a hikikimori I mean?! LOOK AT ME?! Yeah I'm negative a real pessimist and I'm not that social but I love making friends and talk to people.. some people say I'm talking too much ;A; Sry people who says that! ;A; I'll do my best to Shut up.. but that all for today T^T SO TIRED~~

See you AGAIN Desu~

Other Names: Wallflower, Perfect girl revolution
Ranking: ★★★★☆
Language: Japanese
Episodes: 7 - Ongoing every friday
Genre: Comedy
Links: [Fact] [Watch]
Favourite: Nakahara sunako - Oomasa Aya

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