Thursday, 25 March 2010

» Sakura speciel

Sakura speciel Layout is up!~~ but too lazy to fix the last few things like the mavigation.. I'm so tired my head is spinning and I can't listen to music without getting a headache!.. I am SOOOOO BORED!!! ;A; I'll ask my brother to download some games on the NDS~ maybe if I play some games, it might help! I can only hope!

I can't even concentrate on writing a proper Blog entry.. =A= Maybe I caught a cold! My head is spinning around so much.. I couldn't hold a pencil.. so that drawing I was going to draw.. I couldn't do it.. maybe I'll just go to bed...

It's only the second day with my father and I think I'm going to die.. Seriously.. He don't understand anything at all.. everytime I say something He don't listen... or don't understand..

I was really happy today because the weather was so fantastic! My crush was in my neighbourhood! It's really rare to see him here! I hope I can sit next to him tomorrow when we are going to write our german disposition~

Take care and be careful not to catch a cold!~

Mood: Feeling ill and Happy
Listening to: TV2 News
Consuming: Water
Creativity: Nothing.. Can't concentrate
Addicted to: Nothing
Doing: Dying slowly.. =A=;

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