Sunday, 7 March 2010

»Greek mythology

I'm only missing 3 episodes of Hana yori Dango season 2 (F4 returns?...) It's so good that I couldn't resist! ><; I have been freaking pretty much lately that I did not have time to chat with my friends.. I kind og feel like I failed them... Sry guys.. and maybe that is why one of my friends missed a person she didn't like that much.. because the hated person spoke more to her than I did at the moment.. I'm so sorry.. The only messages I could send was smileys and one syllable words.. Now I understand why my BFF thinks it was annoying.. or think it was a depressing.. sorry! HONTOU NI GOMEN NASAI DESU! I hope you can forgive me... After I watched Hana Yori Dango I promise to pay more attention to you!~

In the end I always end up with homework.. I can't wait to summer vacation... all my continuation school activites will end in the end of March.. I am so sad! I will miss all my lessons so much.. or maybe not my Piano.. I skipped the class so many times.. It was too late and too far away..and rhythmic Piano was not my thing.. I told the teacher that I would stop, but she said I should give it a chance and didn't needed to practice.. but in the end I still had to.. not that I didn't wanted to just did not have the time to it.. I love playing the Piano it is so relaxing and it makes me happy.

Today I came home from my father. When we walked my brother told me; You sound like our Cousin STOP it!... and I was just laughing and enjoying that I annoyed him.. I spoke japanese as good as I could which was pretty lame. after all I am not japanese. Even though I sometime wish I was.

My mother came home late again.. I hope someday that I will have a love story.. The dramas make me cry and want to try a real love story. But I guess it is impossible for me. I am too weird.. Lol..~~

My mom approved the fact that I wanted to buy Myth: Eternal gift! I want to buy My seasons too! ;A; I love Zelda C. Wang's art~ especially the Alien Mushroom and Myth! The mushroom is so cute! *__* I want a plushie!~~ ^^; maybe I should try sew one and show her! ^^ It was My BFF who showed me Myth and I totally fall in love with the Manga! I regret so much that I did not discover the manga before so I could buy it! but Zelda said that she maybe would Sell Myth: My season agaiin just without the bonus/extra stuff~~ but that is totally fine~ ^^ After reading Myth I also got a bit interest in Greek mythology!~~ I also want to ask Zelda where she got the inspiration to the characters~ Because Hades does not look like Hades from Hercules! xD LOL... but yeaaah Homework is calling~

JUST HEARD A SONG I THINK IS THE CUTEST FOR A HANA YORI DANGO FAN VIDEO! *A* but I suck at making MVs ><; but maybe I'll try OwO It is a DomyoujixMakino video with the song A thousand miles~ Makino actually went a thousand miles to USA from Japan to see Domyouji~~ ^^ searched on Youtube if I could find a video with the song.. could not! D: but but then I got spoiled... about the ending ;A; but I will still watch it.. I am a RuixMakino supporter.. but I think the video would be so cute!~~ maybe I should request it of someone who have time and like domyoujixmakino.. xD; LOL!~~

Mata Ne~

Mood: Happy yet sad ^^;
Music: A Thousand miles - Vanessa Carlton
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