Friday, 19 March 2010

»Why won't you listen just once?

Right now I am pretty pissed.. Why won't JK just listen once... The only thing I say right now is We are not that different as JK thinks... and we actually like the same thing I'm just not obsessed.. *siiigh* I think I will give JK some air let him calm down. Breathe.. I just hope we don't see each other at the Hanami.. or for some time... Somehow I hope JK will forget it or have to do something else.. but I don't think so. I was really looking forward to our next meeting but I guess things between us are decided. Our friendship isn't meant to be like it is now. I would really LOVE to see the fate changing. but yeaaah what to do? Everything I say and do pisses JK of and almost everything she says and do pisses me of... We have known each other for so loong and now the friendship we have.. is it just going to die like this? Hmm I think it is fine if it does.. Of course I will miss all our happy memories and if I could avoid the thing from happening I would like that but sometimes you can't do anything else than watch.

I have tried so many things to make our friendship not dying. researching all the things JK liked and trying finding some interest in it. and when I finally find interest in it JK just act like usually.. Cold and not caring at all. JK can't expect me to like everything that JK likes.. just because I'm not fainting or screaming when we are talking about it. does it not mean that I dislike it and if I like it too much JK just get annoyed at me. When JK shows me anything she expect me to write something like: HAHAHA It so funny or AWWWW THEY ARE THE CUTEST!.. Can I have my own opinion? Can't Jk accept the fact that I don't like it so much as JK.

Hmmm... and I had a fight with my BFF.. actually I just remembered there was something really important I wanted to tell her.. and something I wanted to ask her.. I don't know if she is reading my blog or not.. but I would have asked her if she would like to have the News/JE Calender I got in the magazine I bought from China. But right now I'm just so depressed that nothing can make me happy.. maybe I should go take some Happy pill.. I really want to tear apart the calender.. -_______- Just get my anger out somehow. but that would be waste of paper.. I think I'll go for a walk later.. get some air etc. ^^

but first I'll watch some drama might help on my mood~

Mood: REALLY PISSED OF.. but actually totally fine
Music: Kat-tun - Love yourself
Consuming: Water
Creativity: Blog Layout to Zaa-chan
Addicted to: Dorama~
Doing: Downloading CnKnA and JnKnA

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