Tuesday, 30 March 2010

♥ Super amazing Day

Happy Wonderful Dreamy sunny Weather ☀

As I wrote earlier I went out shopping with Celia-chaan. We had a AWESOME day! xD
We walked around the whole the town X0X; from Nørreport st. to Rådhuspladsen back to Nørreport and around the shopping streets~ ^___^ We had a lot of fun talking about the most Random things~ TwT I really missed Celia-chan a lot~ because we don't see each other often! And we have so many things in common! We talked about everything from JE to Drama to Anime to School life to Cosplay to Music to X-factor EVERYTHING TWT I was so happy~

The fist shop we went to was Sachie~ Celia-chan bought chocolate Kinokos(Chocolate mushrooms)~~ ^^ and then we visited the Chinese shop~ Celia bought Pockys chocolate and strawberry~ Didn't buy anything because my key to my savings bank is gone! T___T and as always I forget my password to my card.. *siiigh* so after that we went to Faraohs! and Again I didn't buy anything.. xD the only thing I bought today was lunch xD~~ Really wanted to buy the HnKnA manga! T_T but they only had volume 2.. Celia bought Death note 7~~ Hoho l3 I know what to give her to her 18th Birthday... ~ next Death note volume!! xD or maybe not.. xD I might find something better.. seriously.. ^^.. Manga is so boring.. or I mean it's just a book? xD but a very lovelyy book <33

We walked so much.. also because Celia forgot where the Shawama house were.. xD we walked the totally opposite direction!! xD but yeah we ended with eating Pizza slizes~ ^__^ tasted so good! owo and then Celia-chan bought me an Ice cream TwT I want to pay her back! TxT;; but the Ice cream definitely tasked good! <3 Lemon, strawberry and Mango.. I don't like Mango.. xD Sometimes am I just Stupid.. xD but it tasted okay ^__^ not good but Okay~~ ^^

After that we walked from Rådhuspladsen to Nørrebro st. X______X I totally died.. but we had a totally good talk~ <3 ^____^ Can't remember the last time I had such a good talk ;A; made me really Happeh <3 and when we got to Nørrebro st. we just walked around the Nørrebro Center~ XD Our feet were burning! We walked to Bispebjerg st. too! xD and followed the rails back to Nørrebro st. xD at last we ended at Celia's grandmother's place~

We sat down and died xD and we ate Bread with meatballs~~ ^^ and then suddenly Celia and me got a Digimon flip! XD Talking about cosplaying TK and Kari~~ Or Digimon Frontier xD <3 Had such a great day! T___T and Already missing Celia-chaaan!! Can't wait to see her again~~ Next time I will see her is at the Hanami~~ ✿ Can't waaait~~

Walking around the town 3 times backwards and forwards~ and then from Rådhuspladsen to Nørrebro st. X___X

My feet still hurt like HELL T___T Why did we walk so much~ I know I have to do some exercise but not that much that my feet are bleeding and burning(not really bleeding but feels like it.. xD)

We also talked about a movie night at her house~ There is a lot of movies she want me to watch! xD Some SUPER HERO movies, like batman~ sounds like fun! Really excited for it! ^^ I think it will be in the summer vacation! ^^ We also Talked about traveling around Europe by Train. She speaks Spanish l3 So if we are going to Spain I will have her to translate LOL.. xD but she likes to travel by train and so do I~~ so maybe someday it will come true~ <3 Really hoping for it! xD

Tomorrow I am going to watch the bounty hunter with Natacha~~ ^__^ need to go to bed soon! xD

Night People ♥

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