Saturday, 6 March 2010

»Nothing to do

Today I woke up at 2 pm~ don't think I'm lazy or sleep too much! I went to bed at 6 am ^^; Watching the first season of Hana yori Dango~(Boys over flowers) I'm going to make a Dorama Entry about it! ^^ And the Drama after that will certain be Hanazakari no Kimitachi e(short Hana Kimi, For You in Full Blossom)~ They are both live actions from Mangas~ I haven't read them.. ^^; Don't like the drawing style..

Actually I don't have much more to say than, I'm going to watch Alice in Wonderland on Monday and I'm going to make the Weekly update today! ^__^ I'm at my dads so I have a LOT of time~ <3

Mood: Freaaaking~
Music: Innate Mind - Minagawa Junko
Consuming: Juice~
Creativity: Scanlation..
Addicted to: Dorama! xD;
Doing: Searching for pictures~

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