Friday, 19 March 2010

» OMG Lacking

Have a lot to tell!~~ The last few days I've been so busy ;A; I didn't have time to blog and it was so lonely.. my brother thinks I am become insane if I continue writing blog. I don't Believe him! 馬鹿おとうとちゃん!バカバカ三ちゃん。

First the day before yesterday and yesterday where the last japanese lessons this term. I was so saaad ;A; promised myself not to cry and did not. but I really wanted to! D: Wednesday we saw Okuribito, Departures in English. We bought Pocky, Hichu and Nori cookies!~ It was so saad! ;A; We gave Anders-sensei a bottle Sake!~ He looked really happeh ;A; I really hope he was! So many weird things on my mind.. it blog entry is going to take looong time to write.. Totally addicted to HnKnA.. xD Otome games are good to kill time! ^^;; Thursday, We saw Bayside Shake down. and again we gave Ander-sensei a bottle sake, but it wasn't similar! xD luckily it would be really boring if it were~ I think the Thursday sake was prettier than the wednesday one but whatever! xD Liv had made a lot of Origami cranes which we put on the present too!~~ and Line had drew a really pretty drawing ;A; with Stars!!! So beautiful! I can't wait to Hanami I hope to see them all there! ♥ My mom also gave me premission to go to svscon! ^^ I just can't wait~~ but I can wait with the exam forever! OWO;; or maybe not.. xD

Today at school I had a lot of fun! xD ♥ even though our gym class was canceled and the rest of our classes.. xD We had a substitute in 4 lessons, then school was finished! >w<; our english lesson was moved to another day!~ xD I am happy it was! It was really boring in the 2 first lessons! -___- our substitute was late and we just looking at nothing... but then in the next 2 lessons it was pretty funny xD Me and Anja were drawing a lot of doodles! xD Sasuke was on the drawing ♥ We drew ourselves too~ I'm going to scan it later! xD I want to show everyone my Alice in WOnderland drawing too >< have to do it today! O0O *looks at the drawing pile..* and Homework too... __ __ Christianity should DIE together with History ;A;... have to do math too -___- but yeaaah there is still a whole weekend so no stress! ^^

right now I am freaking HnKnA the game *0* so I think that is all for now... Oh I am so good at writing blog... NOT.. -__- I am too serious! NOT.. xD Okaaay I will post a entry later when my brother gets home and post the drawings too!

Mood: Happeh Making!
Music: Heart no Kuni no Alice Game soundtracks~
Consuming: Lunch!~
Creativity: Drawing small Chibis~
Addicted to: Maybe HnKnA Game?
Doing: Eating LOL.. XD

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