Monday, 22 March 2010

» School trip

I was at the 'Jyllandsposten' today!~~ It was really fun! xD
We were divided in 3 groups~ foreign countries, inland and sport~ ^^
I was in the Foreign Country group!~ We were supposed to play journalists and find information and interview people!~~ so we walked aroung a fake town and talked with tape-recorders. It were so cool because it looked so real! *____* and last we had a deadline, there were so much stress! LOL~~ and our group was the only one which choose the right frontpage! ^^ the best part was that we chose the frontpage when we only had 0.1 seconds left! xD We really took advantage of the time~ ^^

Afterwards I wandered around in the city~ OwO; I bought some japanese biscuit with seaweed~ They are soo おいしいい ★0★ I have to share it with my Piano team tomorrow~ it's the last time ;A; So sad about it!~ but I think it will be enjoyable~ I bought a skiny nail file too~~ I hope my nails will shine~~ Natacha showed me once how it looks like and my eyes just shone like stars! They became so pretty, so I finally bought one! ^^ Tea also told me where to get it because it was totally expensive in Matas.. actually it is been a long time since I last saw her! ;w; I hope she is doing fine!~ The High school life must be hard for her~ I heard it is so hard ;A; even though Julie days it is not that bad~ but I am still dying inside knowing that I am starting next year! ;A; or after summer vacation! ><;

Next week is easter~ ~(**)~ I am already totally busy~ because my mom is leaving on wednesday so it's my dad who should look after my brother and me~ ^^; but I have a lot of agreement~ and I have to clean the house ;A; It will take YEARS.. or maybe not if I put myself together I might be able to do it on a weekend xD It's not only my room it's the whole thing! xD Totally Looking forward to it! xD don't wanna think about homework and disposition.. X_X

Mood: Curls~ ♥
Music: My Heaven - Big bang
Consuming: Aiiir~
Creativity: Drawing the Katakana Chart
Addicted to: Gyaruu Stuff~~ xD
Doing: searching

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